Digital Signage Solutions

Digital Signage Enclosure

Floorstanding enclosure to house an LCD screen and multimedia player for use as Digital Signage.

Digital Signage Advertising

Product Code: IDS-RT-P-MR

Digital Signage Advertising Simple to setup, easy to move, and adaptable to promotional strategies.

Indoor Advertising Display

Product Code: IDS-RT-P-UK

Indoor Advertising Display that can be customised with you own branding or advertising. For indoor use only. Suitable for 46" or 47" screens.

Anti-Ligature TV Cabinet

Safely install a TV in areas with vulnerable people. The anti-ligature TV cabinet prevents a rope from being tied to the unit, reducing the possibility for self-harm. Provides robust protection for 10" to 65" screens.

Digital Poster

Wall mountable, portrait digital media display with built in media player. Available in 20 inch or 32 inch formats.

LCD Digital Signage

Large floor standing, portrait LCD Digital Signage with integrated media player. Available as 46, 52, 55 and 70 inch units.

LCD Advertising Display

Wall mountable, landscape LCD Advertising Display with integrated media player. Available in 19, 32, 40 inch models.

UK Digital Signage Company

UK-based digital signage company providing freestanding totems, wheeled digital A-frames, high-bright digital menu boards and more.

Need a Custom LCD Enclosure design? We have it covered for outdoor, public or industrial environments.

Digital signage articles

Introducing The TV Enclosure For Behavioural Health And Detention Centres

Safely install screens in areas with vulnerable people. The TV enclosure for behavioural health protects 10" - 65" screens and safeguards the people in your care. Here's everything you need to know about using the anti-ligature TV cabinet in your facility.

ISE Amsterdam 2020: Armagard Exhibiting at Integrated Systems Europe

Visit outdoor digital signage enclosure specialists, Armagard at ISE Amsterdam 2020. Meet the Armagard team and see our new and established products in action. Find us at booths 8-A110 and 8-A280. In the meantime, here's a sneak peek at what we're bringing...

Digital Signage Cost Breakdown - Pricing Up Your Digital Signage Installation

How much does digital signage cost? £200. £2,000. £20,000. £200,000. £2 million. Take your pick. Digital signage costs as much as you're willing to pay (or your budget will allow). To help you price up your project, here is a digital signage cost breakdown detailing what you can expect to pay for.

Digital Signage for Small Businesses: 6 Reasons to Get Started

As a small-business owner, you know the importance of providing a great customer experience for each person you deal with. Digital signage can help you achieve this goal, while simultaneously raising brand awareness, saving you time and boosting revenue. Here are six reasons why digital signage for small businesses is a great idea.

Digital Signage in Manufacturing | 7 Practical Uses

Are you looking for ways to make your manufacturing facility more productive? Your manufacturing plant is probably already using the traditional methods of communication, such as mobile phones, two-way radios, and PA announcements. But is there a better way? Digital signage in manufacturing is the answer!.

Pray & Display | Why Digital Signage Displays Work For Houses of Worship

Digital signage is changing the way houses of worship communicate with communities and congregations. There are countless stories of churches, temples, mosques and synagogues witnessing an increase in attendances and greater connection with communities as a direct result of digital signage. Here's why....

3 Creative Ways to Install LCD Digital Signage Enclosures

Demand for LCD digital signage enclosures is growing, as more companies deploy digital advertising systems. To prevent digital signage networks becoming an obstruction, here are 3 creative ways to install LCD enclosures, without compromising screen protection....

Digital Signage Screens | A Tutorial...

Getting the balance right is crucial when choosing digital signage screens. You want value for money, combined with reliability and screens that are fit for purpose. The question is, how do you strike the right balance? This quick-fire tutorial explains some of the basics of digital signage screens..

7 Armagard Digital Signage Products on Display at ISE 2018

Seven Armagard digital signage protection systems will be on display at this year's ISE, featuring a mix of outdoor, indoor and industrial digital signage solutions. English, French, German, Polish and Spanish speaking representatives will man the stand ready to answer any questions about AV equipment protection.

How to Tackle Digital Signage Objections from Technophobes

Not all objections to digital signage are rational. There exists a demographic that steers clear of digital signage because they despise technology - the constant change, a fear of the unfamiliar etc... We are of course talking about the technophobe. How do you ease digital signage fears for technophobes? Start here!

Hotel Digital Signage... 7 Advantageous Applications

Commonly used to inform, promote or direct guests in the lobby, the use of hotel digital signage has become ever more expansive, delivering an improved experience for customers. Here's a breakdown of the best ways to use hotel digital signage to benefit guests, staff and your bottom line...

Digital Signage for Hospitality the Karma Sutra Edition

Maximising the impact of digital signage is all about positioning. Hospitality venues have some prime locations to hit huge audience numbers with digital advertising. Hotels in particular have a number of hotspots where digital signage for hospitality can really work. Here's a rundown of the best positions for hotel digital signage...

How to Seal an Armagard Digital Signage Enclosure Without Replacing it

Upgrading an Armagard digital signage enclosure from an IP54 rating to an IP66 (NEMA 4X for the US market) DOES NOT require you to buy a new unit. Ideally, you should order an enclosure as a sealed unit. However, sealing your existing unit is simple enough. Here we demonstrate how to seal a PDS digital signage enclosure...

What 6 Things Can Digital Signage Do for Education?

Turns out that choosing a digital signage manufacturer is hard work. To help you navigate the market, this 5 step guide will help you to spot a reputable digital signage provider for your project.

The 5 Step Guide to Choosing a UK Digital Signage Manufacturer

Turns out that choosing a UK digital signage manufacturer is hard work. To help you navigate the market, this 5 step guide will help you to spot a reputable digital signage provider for your project.

RDSE - Armagard to Show New Look 42" Storefront Digital Signage Totem

Looking for a way to increase footfall and boost sales at your retail outlet? Armagard's new look, 42" High-Bright Digital Signage Totem is the perfect entry point solution for maximising the advertising potential of your storefront. Come view it at RDSE 2017

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