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Joining Armagard you’ll be part of a double-award winning company, with an illustrious history and a bright future. Kickstart your career with us.

Our business is hardware protection, safeguarding equipment worth £4 billion worldwide, offering enclosures for computers, screens, printers and digital signage.

With so many relying on us, we rely on a talented team of people just like you to get our solutions into industrial facilities, transport hubs, retail outlets, quick service restaurants and more. There’s even a team that get to water spray and freeze test the enclosures.

The key to our continuous success is the training and development of our personnel across all areas of the company. It’s the excellence of our staff that makes us a standout business.


Mike Thomas

I joined Armagard Ltd, just after finishing University. From the offset, I had duties that enabled me to work within several different areas of marketing; immediately putting my University theory to good use.... Read More

Work Experience:

Ben O'Donoghue

What’s it like working for Armagard? In his own words, Benjamin O’Donoghue of CTC Kingshurst Academy in Birmingham gives his account of day-to-day life at Armagard. This is his work experience diary...Read More