Digital Signage Cost Breakdown - Pricing Up Your Digital Signage Installation

How much does digital signage cost?

£200. £2,000. £20,000. £200,000. £2 million. Take your pick. Digital signage costs as much as you're willing to pay (or your budget will allow).

To help you price up your project, here is a digital signage cost breakdown detailing what you can expect to pay for.

Digital Signage enclosures

A Digital Signage Cost Breakdown


Based on buying brand new screens for a digital signage project, you can expect to pay between £250 and £30,000+ per screen.

If you need a large number of screens, your total cost will be more. If you source displays from one supplier, you may be able to reduce costs because of volume spend.

The type of screen you choose will affect the cost, too.

For example, a commercial grade screen will cost you more than a standard display. How you use the screen will impact your costs also.

If your digital signage project is outdoors, you will have to invest in outdoor-ready screens or professional, outdoor digital signage enclosures.

You can buy screens and enclosures second-hand to cut costs. However, it is unlikely there will be any warranty cover.

When calculating your digital signage cost breakdown, your screens will probably account for the majority of your initial costs.

Media Players

You can purchase a basic media player, with limited features, for less than £10 brand new. Again, costs could be even lower if purchased second-hand - but remember that warranties and guarantees will probably have expired.

As with your screens, the cost of your media players will be higher if you need a big quantity, but volume spend could bring down the price.


The cost of delivery often gets missed off the budget. However, shipping and delivery charges do add up.

If your hardware is shipped from overseas, it is likely that your delivery costs will be higher.

Installation and Support

If your supplier offers an installation and ongoing support service, it is possible that they charge a fee to setup your network and train your staff on how to use it, if required.

Protection and Maintenance

outdoor digital signage protection
Armagard enclosure solutions provide indoor and outdoor digital signage protection.

Going back to your screens, if you do use them outdoors, screen protection is a must.

The weather, dust, droppings, sunlight exposure, vandalism and theft can damage your displays.

If you don't invest in an outdoor-ready screen or a professional enclosure, your digital signage will cost you a fortune in maintenance, repairs and replacement.

When buying outdoor-ready screens, it is likely that insurance and maintenance cover will be offered by your supplier, for which you will pay a monthly fee.

Plus, most dedicated outdoor screens are priced at a premium. The price point is often much higher than an outdoor enclosure.

Professional, outdoor enclosure prices vary depending on the specification you require. As a leading digital signage manufacturer, you can contact Armagard for enclosure prices.

Content Creation

If you outsource your digital signage content creation, fee structures vary from agency to agency.

Some offer pay as you go services, while others will lock you into monthly or yearly contracts.

Digital Signage Software

Creating and managing your own content will require a digital signage software package. Similar to outsourcing you content, you will likely pay a monthly or annual fee for a content management system.

Keeping Digital Signage Costs Down

Armagard design and manufacturer team
Armagard designs and manufactures solutions in house and offers complete digital signage solutions.

To keep your digital signage costs down, it is best to source everything you need from one supplier.

For example, sourcing your screens and media players from separate suppliers will likely add to delivery charges and takes away from being able to negotiate a better price with one provider.

Plus, if you require ongoing maintenance and support, it is possible that you could end up paying separate fees for your media players and screens.

Working with Armagard will help you keeps your costs down.

Our full service screen, media player, enclosure, installation and ongoing support solutions give you the hardware and service you need to setup and maintain your digital signage network.

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