Printer Enclosures

Product Code: SPRI-100-UK

Waterproof printer enclosure

Stainless steel waterproof printer enclosure | SPRI-100 product image

Waterproof Label printer enclosure enables reliable use of label printers in wet, washdown or other harsh environments.

Product Code: SPRI-400-UK

IP65 Printer Protection

Stainless steel enclosure for printer protection | SPRI-400

Waterproof printer enclosure for printers used in food processing areas and other harsh, wet environments.

Product Code: SPRI-700-UK

Stainless steel printer enclosure

Stainless Steel floor standing printer enclosure | SPRI-700 product image

Floor standing stainless steel printer enclosure for reliable and safe use of printers used in humid, wet or washdown environments.

Product Code: SPRI-800-UK

Heated printer enclosure

Stainless steel heated printer enclosure | SPRI-800

Thermostatically controlled printer enclosure will maintain printer functionality even in −30°C external environments.

Product Code: PPRI-400-UK

Mild-steel printer enclosure

Mild steel printer enclosure | PPRI-400

Mid-size printer enclosure improves the safety and reliability of printers used in factories, stores, dispatch areas and other challenging dusty environments.

Product Code: PPRI-700-UK

Floor Standing Printer enclosure

Floor standing mild steel printer enclosure | PPRI-700

Floor standing printer enclosure for printers to be used on factory floors or in other dusty or dirty environments.

Need a Custom LCD Enclosure design? We have it covered for outdoor, public or industrial environments.

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