ATEX Ratings

Intrinsically Safe Enclosures for use in Explosive Atmospheres and Clean Rooms

ATEX Directive

At Armagard we specialise in protecting computers, printers and touch screens from hazardous areas but there are times when the environment itself needs to be protected from the equipment. Our intrinsically safe ATEX enclosures allow the safe use of computers and monitors in potentially explosive atmospheres. Explosive atmospheres do not just occur in chemical or gas facilities they are actually incredibly common in the food production industry which is why the European ATEX directive (94/9/EC) categorizes the risk of explosions into zoned areas

Zone 2 and Zone 22 Protection

Potentially explosive atmospheres can be caused by both dust or vapour build up and we manufacture Ex approved type N restricted breathing devices for both ATEX zone 2 (vapour) and zone 22 (dust) environments. Our computer enclosures ensure there is no risk of the enclosed devices causing any ignition of the surrounding environment

Airtight Enclosures for Sterile, Clean Room and Laboratory Environments

Airtight enclosures are designed for environments where protection from bacterial and microbial contamination is essential. Restricted breathing enclosure reduces the risk of ingress, storage and escape of contaminated air to ensure the cleanroom has a controlled level of contamination. Manufactured from stainless steel to allow wash down and cleaning. An airtight enclosure allows the safe use of standard computer and display devices in sterile and clean room environments.

Armagard ATEX enclosures:

Compact intrinsically safe enclosure AZ2S21

Slimline Intrinsically Safe Enclosure

ATEX Zone 2/22 enclosure - suitable for TFT/LCD monitors up to 21" and small tower or desktop PCs

slimline intrinsically safe enclosure AZ2S21-TFT

Compact Intrinsically Safe Enclosure

ATEX Zone 2/22 enclosure - suitable for CRT monitors up to 21" and tower or desktop PCs

airtight slimline computer enclosure SAT-600

Airtight Slimline Computer Enclosure

Restricted breathing enclosure designed for clean room, laboratory and pharmacutical environments.

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