Introducing The TV Enclosure For Behavioural Health And Detention Centres

Armagard's TV enclosure for behavioural health with anti-ligature top

Use the TV enclosure for behavioural health to install screens in areas with at-risk people. Ideal for psychiatric hospitals, prisons, residential care facilities and more.

The anti-ligature design helps you safeguard the people in your care. The robust, steel construction protects a 42" to 55" screen from damage.

Here's how the ligature-resistant TV cabinet can protect people and screens in your facility.

What Does The TV Enclosure For Behavioural Health Do?

The anti-ligature TV protector fits around an existing, wall-mounted screen. It protects vulnerable people from the risks a TV can pose, and it defends a screen from physical damage.

The Ligature-Resistant TV Enclosure Safeguards The People In Your Care

Side view of the ligature-resistant TV enclosure with sloped top
The TV cabinet's sloped top prevents a person from attaching a rope and using it to self-harm.

The protective TV cabinet reduces the chance of a person using the TV or enclosure to hurt themselves or others.

The sloped, anti-ligature top stops a rope, or other material, from being tied to the unit and used to self-harm. A steel framework secures the TV cabinet to the wall. Key-operated locks stop a person from removing it and using it as a weapon.

The enclosure allows you to provide residents, inmates and patients with the comforts of a TV. You do so with confidence that you're maintaining health and safety in your facility.

The TV Enclosure Maximises Screen Lifespan In High-Risk Areas

The robust TV enclosure protects a screen in an area where it might be the target of physical aggression.

The cabinet has a mild-steel body, which repels attempts to access or attack the TV. The viewing window is made from shatterproof polycarbonate, which is 20x stronger than glass. This protects the display from high-velocity forces, such as kicking and thrown furniture. Vents provide the TV with the airflow it needs to operate reliably and allow audio to be heard.

The protective TV enclosure gives you confidence in the security of the TVs in your facility. By maximising screen lifespan, the TV cabinet saves you money in the long run, making it highly cost-effective.

The Enclosure Improves The Environment In Your Facility

The TV enclosure for behavioural health helps create a comfortable environment in your facility. A TV can provide entertainment, education and information to the people in your care. The protective enclosure allows you to deliver these things safely.

The ligature-resistant TV enclosure is ideal for individual rooms and communal areas in:

  • Healthcare centres
  • Psychiatric hospitals
  • Prisons and detention centres
  • Residential care facilities

You improve the environment in your facility, with peace of mind about the safety of the people in your care.

Why Choose Armagard's TV Enclosure For Behavioural Health?

Front view of Armagard's TV enclosure for behavioural health
The steel body and polycarbonate window protect a TV from physical damage.

Since 1991, Armagard has supplied over 100,000 enclosures to businesses in 53 countries. The behavioural-health TV enclosure combines this expertise into a secure, anti-ligature solution.

You benefit from:

  • A proven design from the enclosure specialists: You can be confident that the TV cabinet will protect people and screens in high-risk areas.
  • An easy to install solution that's delivered fully assembled: The enclosure is easy to mount around a 42" to 55" screen, so you can start using it quickly.
  • A five-year warranty and lifetime support: Enjoy industry-leading warranties and outstanding customer support.

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Safeguard the people in your care and protect your wall-mounted screens. The TV enclosure for behavioural health takes care of both these concerns.

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