Digital Signage for Hospitality the Karma Sutra Edition

Digital Signage for Hospitality

Maximising the impact of digital signage is all about positioning. Hospitality venues have some prime locations to hit huge audience numbers with digital advertising. Hotels in particular have a number of hotspots where digital signage for hospitality can really work. Here's a rundown of the best positions for hotel digital signage...

Digital signage for hospitality has broadened the opportunities for hotels to communicate with guests and staff on multiple levels. With a multitude of uses for hotel digital signage, here are some top ways to deploy a digital display network across your establishment to give customers a memorable experience, while interacting with staff.

Position # 1 - The Entrance

Before a guest even sets foot in your establishment, digital signage should be in place outdoors to 'greet' them. However, many hotels are missing the opportunity to set the tone of what to expect inside their facility, because they neglect this crucial location.

digital signage just outside a hotel entrance
"Position digital signage just outside a hotel entrance to create a great first impression. Here, Armagard's outdoor digital signage unit is positioned at an entrance."

First impressions count and a digital signage system outdoors, showcasing vibrant HD images, creates that lasting first impression and gives guests a taste of what to expect when entering your facility. Additionally, the entrance is a prime position for branding messages and featuring promotions.

In a report published by, Jeff Bohnert of Drury Southwest, a division of Drury Hotels based in Arizona, USA, said: "A hotel can use digital signage to inform travellers of value pricing before they even walk in the door to check in. Digital signs can also help reduce vacancies by offering special rates and deals at a moment's notice."

Position #2 - The Lobby/Foyer

Wall or floorstanding digital signage located in a lobby is the perfect tool for preventing congestion and reducing waiting times. Providing an alternative service point with interactive capabilities gives guests a convenient way to check-in or out and find the information they need, without occupying the time of desk staff.

digital signage hotel lobby
"Digital signage positioned in a hotel lobby could become the hub of the establishment. Here, Armagard's LCD enclosure system takes centre stage at a facility."

Digital signage enables hotels to manage busy periods, effectively. Ultimately, this leads to greater customer satisfaction and enhances the chances of visitors returning.

Additionally, you can use signage positioned in the lobby to feature a guest survey, promote a loyalty scheme and even rent it to local businesses and attractions for advertising purposes, generating further revenue.

Position #3 - Behind the Front Desk

Reach guests not making use of self-serve kiosks with a highly visible signage system positioned at the front desk. Besides targeting hotel guests, front desk digital signage is fantastic for reaching audiences visiting your facility with a view to hiring it for a wedding reception or conference. You can adapt the message to appeal to the audience you're targeting.

One minute you might be appealing to a bride and groom to choose your facility, so showcase the benefits of your establishment as a wedding reception venue.

An hour later you can quickly switch the message to appeal to a business looking to stage a conference. You can do all this using front desk digital signage, switching content accordingly to meet particular audience requirements.

Furthermore, you can use front desk digital signage to entice 'walk-in' guests to stay. Those without a reservation may have heard that bad weather in your area is imminent and they need a place to stay. Why not promote your room service special to seal the deal?

Position #4 - Guest Rooms

Link your entire digital signage network to your in-house TV channel and reach guests in their rooms, it's a highly effective way of communicating. Use the channel to reinforce the messaging that you're streaming throughout your establishment. Additionally, you can sell air time on your TV channel to advertisers who would pay a premium price to reach your clientele.

In an article published by, the former president of the Out-of-Home Video Advertising Bureau [which is now the Digital Place-based Advertising Association], Kim Norris, says: "With the increasing amount of time consumers are travelling and staying in hotels, the opportunity to reach those consumers through video advertising channels becomes invaluable."

She adds: "In fact, Hotel Networks says that 98 percent of hotel guests turn the TV on immediately upon entering their rooms. In-room channels offer a way to reach a very affluent audience at their home away from home. Consumers are watching TV more out of the home, and so it becomes even more important to catch them in a venue like a hotel."

Position #5 - Conference Facilities

If your establishment has conference facilities, the appeal of digital signage could lure businesses to use your venue ahead of your competitors.

Digital signage is pivotal for promoting event information, directing delegates on the day of the conference, serving as a registration facility and acting as an information point for local eateries. Where a staff member would struggle to answer all the questions directed at them from hundreds of people, digital signage fills the void.

From hotel entrance, through to the conference room, digital signage could be the difference between a successful and unsuccessful event.

Additionally, for every conference there's an opportunity. Here are a couple of suggestions:

  • Promote your brand and convert conference delegates into guests who stay the night
  • Tell local businesses about an event and sell them a sponsorship deal, you generate revenue and they put their company in front of a target audience.

Position #6 - In the Staff Room

Digital signage for hospitality is not only for the benefit of communicating with customers, it's a great way to interact with staff. Positioning hotel digital signage in the staff room is a great way to reinforce hotel policies and procedures. Going digital in the break room can be used as an interactive trading aide too.

Equally, you can use digital displays to incentivise. Why not use them as a motivational tool to promote employee contests? For instance, spur 'housekeeping' staff on with a 'most rooms cleaned in a shift, wins a prize', competition. A little staff rivalry will certainly improve productivity and hotel operations, potentially making for fantastic hotel reviews.

Position #7 - Other Positioning Ideas

The gym, swimming pool, hotel restaurant and bar, lifts, hallways and even gift shops are just some of the places that hotels choose to position digital signage to reach audiences. Digital signage can serve many purposes simultaneously, reshaping the way in which hotels are communicating with their guests and visitors.

Ultimately, the biggest advantage of installing hotel digital signage is that it benefits both guest and staff.

digital signage system poolside
Provided the right protection is in place, digital signage can be installed poolside

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