How to Tackle Digital Signage Objections from Technophobes

Outdoor Digital Signage Objections from Technophobes

Not all objections to digital signage are rational. There exists a demographic that steers clear of digital signage because they despise technology - the constant change, a fear of the unfamiliar etc… We are of course talking about the technophobe. How do you ease digital signage fears for technophobes? Start here!

Objections to digital signage are not uncommon, but most are not too difficult to alleviate if you apply gentle, evidence-based persuasion to ease uncertainty. However, the technophobe takes digital signage objection to the next level because their adversity is not necessarily based on well-founded fears, but a deeper rooted problem.

Ironically, the cause of the problem lies with digital signage vendors. We are constantly plugging the benefits of digital signage, informing potential end-users how amazing it is and what it can do for them. However, we're often guilty of failing to tackle the technophobe's biggest fear, which is knowing how to use and maintain a digital signage network.

Perhaps unwittingly, digital signage vendors have fuelled the technophobe's irrational fear of digital signage by obsessing over the benefits, rather than the practicalities. In a golden age of technology, there's an assumption that 'everyone' knows how to use it, but that's simply not the case.

Digital signage is no different, the logic of the technophobe is 'I won't know how to use it, therefore, I won't use it.' The evidence of what digital signage can DO for the end-user speaks for itself, what we have to become more conscious of is reassuring end-users that digital signage is not complicated to use or maintain.

The first step is overcoming the 'surface' objections, those that the technophobe will use to deflect from the deeper rooted issue of not knowing how to use digital signage. Surface objections, to the irrational technophobe, manifest themselves in the following ways:

  • Digital signage is too expensive
  • It doesn't look good
  • It won't make me money
  • It won't work for me…

…and so on.

How to help the technophobe rethink their rationale on digital signage

Outdoor Digital Signage Objections deep rooted
'The technophobe's rationale for rejecting digital signage is deep-rooted.'

You can overrule such objections, given the overwhelming statistical evidence showing that the positive effect of digital signage is widespread. However, a deep-rooted rejection of technology and all its 'demonic' powers is not an obstacle that is as easily overcome.

After all, it's a mindset. You're not just contending with individual objections, you're confronted with an attitude, which is much more difficult to reshape. So, how do you change a technophobe's mind on digital signage? Here are some pointers:

#1 - Take digital signage out of the equation!

Sounds like a strange tactic, but we'll explain what we mean. Many recent technological advances would have initially struck fear into the heart of the technophobe, but they've adapted and now use it without a second thought.

You can use these examples as leverage to allay a technophobe's fear of digital signage. Take email for example… there was a time that the technophobe could not make the transition from fax machine to email.

"Email won't catch on," or "there are so many security issues with email," are just two common technophobe objections that surfaced when email first emerged. Those same technophobes are probably using email without a second thought, even as we speak, and probably as a reply to object to your assertions about digital signage for their business.

There are hundreds of examples you can use to highlight how technology has transformed the thinking of the technophobe. Electric cars, smartphones and even computers were all once 'the enemy', but even the most hardcore technophobe is probably using one or all of these technological advances to make their lives easier.

The best way to relate to a technophobe is to turn to examples where technology once stood opposed, but is now in widespread use.

#2 - Demonstrate how to setup a digital signage system

Outdoor digital displays
'Demonstrate how to setup a digital signage system using an instructional video or onsite visit.'

The technophobe will tell you that a digital signage system is difficult to setup. There was a time this was true. However, technological developments have made digital signage installation much more straightforward. Gone are the days of having to summon an IT team to setup up a digital signage network.

To demonstrate how simple it is to get started with a digital signage system, shoot an explainer or instructional video that talks potential end-users through the process of digital signage installation. Better still, agree to install a digital signage display on a customer's premises and demo it in person, prior to rolling out an entire network.

#3 - Recommend a 'digital signage champion'

If an end-user is adamant that even the most basic digital signage system is beyond their capabilities, recommend they assign someone as a 'digital signage champion.' Having a designated person to manage a digital signage installation removes the responsibility from the technophobe.

Although an end-user is opposed to the idea of using digital signage, it doesn't mean that it won't benefit their business. By assigning responsibility to a designated individual, they can train other staff members to use a digital signage system, spreading the knowledgebase and putting the technophobe's mind at ease.

#4 - Offer an installation and training service

Outdoor digital Signage Installed
'A digital signage system as installed by Armagard's Steve Insall.'

Key to any digital signage project is after sales support. Offering an installation and training service, once a project has been given the go ahead, is essential if the end-user is genuinely concerned about usability and maintenance.

Following installation of a digital signage network, vendors can work with a digital signage champion, or the technophobe themselves, to ensure that they are confident and comfortable using their newly installed digital signage equipment.

Ultimately, what the technophobe needs to know is that they will be taken care of, before and after a sale. Don't push a digital signage solution too quickly. First, learn to understand the technophobe's fears because to them, the fear of technology is genuine and rational.

Connect with your customer to build trust and respect, and you're more likely to see a shift in their stance on digital signage.

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