Keyboard And Mouse

Rugged Keyboard

A toughened keyboard for tough conditions, the rugged keyboard illuminates for use in low-light environments. IP68 rated, available with touchpad, washable & waterproof.

Waterproof keyboard with touchpad

Combining keyboard & mouse functionality, the waterproof keyboard with touchpad fills the void when an 'office' keyboard & mouse is impractical, or unusable.

Washable Keyboard

Washable waterproof keyboard with integrated button mouse. Robust silicone rubber construction, compatible with any computer via USB (USB to PS/2 adapter supplied).

Medical Keyboard

Fully sealed silicone rubber keyboard for medical use. The integrated button mouse and low profile keys provide an easy to clean all-in-one solution.

Illuminated Keyboard

Illuminated keyboard Ideal for dim lit wash-down areas, making it easier to type in low light environments and is fully waterproof to an IP65 rating.

Wireless Medical Mouse

IP67, anti-microbial washable wireless mouse, easy to clean or disinfect. Ideal for medical use.

Waterproof Mouse

IP65 rated optical mouse, waterproof, washable and easy to clean or disinfect. Ideal for scientific or medical use.

Industrial Keyboard

Rugged dustproof keyboard for industrial use. Compatible with any computer via USB (PS/2 adapter supplied).

Industrial Mouse

Dustproof optical mouse for use in dusty or dirty environments. Easy to clean and maintain and compatible with any computer via USB or PS/2.

Keyboard & Mouse Options

Overview of the Keyboard & Mouse options. Integrated or standalone solutions to complement any Armagard enclosure.

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Meet Hygiene Standards With A Washable Keyboard And Mouse

COVID-19 has brought workplace hygiene to the front of our minds like nothing else in recent history. People are looking to employers and service providers to ensure environments are safe. Find out how washable keyboards and mice can reduce the spread of germs and protect your staff, patients and service users.