IP65 Waterproof PC Enclosures

Product code: SENC-600-UK

PC Enclosure System

Armagard PC enclosure system

Boost shop-floor productivity with the IP65 PC enclosure system. The 316 stainless-steel body protects a computer and 27” monitor from daily jet washing.

Product code: SENC-500-UK

Waterproof Industrial Computer Workstation

Waterproof Industrial Computer Workstation | SENC-500

Waterproof Industrial computer Workstation allows you benefit from the functionality of a PC and 24” monitor in wet, hygienic and washdown environments.

Product code: SENC-400-UK

Waterproof Industrial Computer Enclosure

Waterproof Industrial Computer Enclosure | SENC-400

Waterproof Industrial computer enclosure designed for use of thin client computers and LCD screens up to 22" in wet or washdown areas

Product code: SENC-300-UK

Compact Waterproof Enclosure

Compact Waterproof Enclosure | SENC-300

Waterproof PC enclosure designed for use of small computers and TFT screens up to 17" in wet or washdown areas

Product Code: SENC-700-UK

Waterproof Computer Enclosure

Waterproof Computer Enclosure | SENC-700

Waterproof computer enclosure sealed to IP65 to protect desktop and tower PCs and TFT screens (up to 19")

Product Code: SPRI-700r-UK

Waterproof Rack Mount Cabinet

Waterproof Rack Mount Cabinet | SPRI-770r

Waterproof Rackmount Cabinet IP65 protection for 19" rack mount equipment up to a maximum of 18U

Product Code: SENC-800-UK

Stainless steel PC enclosure

Stainless Steel PC Enclosure | SENC-800

Mid-range IP65 PC enclosure ideal for wash or wipe down environments.

Product Code: SENC-900-UK

Waterproof PC enclosure

Waterproof PC enclosure | SENC-900

IP66 waterproof PC enclosures for protection of computer systems in food processing and other washdown or corrosive environments.

Production Display For Hygienic Applications

Product Code: SDS18-55-W-L

Food Manufacturing Digital Signage Cabinet

Armagard's food manufacturing digital signage cabinet

Waterproof protection for 55" screens. The food manufacturing digital signage cabinet has an IP56/65 rating and internal climate controls, for reliable TV use in harsh environments.

Product Code: SDS18-42-43-W-L

Manufacturing Information Display

Armagard's manufacturing information display

Safely install 42/43" KPI screens in washdown locations. The manufacturing information display enclosure is made from 316 stainless steel and has an IP56/65 rating.

Other Waterproof Enclosures:

Waterproof Touch Screens

Product Code: STS-170-UK

Waterproof touch screen monitor

Stainless steel waterproof touch screen monitor | STS-170

Waterproof touch screen monitor - 17" touchscreen computer monitor in a stainless steel enclosure. Ideal for use in wet or washdown environments.

Product Code: SENC-350-UK

Compact waterproof touchscreen enclosure

Stainless steel compact waterproof touchscreen enclosure | SENC-350

Touchscreen waterproof enclosure - designed for thinclient PCs and Touchscreens up to 17".

Product Code: SENC-750-UK

Waterproof Touch screen enclosure

Stainless steel Waterproof Touch screen enclosure | SENC-750

Slimline waterproof enclosure with integrated 17" touch screen monitor sealed to IP65 for protection of desktop and tower PCs in wet or humid environments.

Printer Enclosures:

Product Code: SPRI-100-UK

Waterproof printer enclosure

Stainless steel waterproof printer enclosure | SPRI-100 product image

Waterproof Label printer enclosure enables reliable use of label printers in wet, washdown or other harsh environments.

Product Code: SPRI-400-UK

IP65 Printer Protection

Stainless steel enclosure for printer protection | SPRI-400

Waterproof printer enclosure for printers used in food processing areas and other harsh, wet environments.

Product Code: SPRI-700-UK

Floor standing waterproof printer enclosure

Stainless Steel floor standing printer enclosure | SPRI-700 product image

Floor standing stainless steel printer enclosure for reliable and safe use of printers used in humid, wet or washdown environments.

Product Code: SPRI-800-UK

Heated printer enclosure

Stainless steel heated printer enclosure | SPRI-800

Thermostatically controlled printer enclosure will maintain printer functionality even in −30°C external environments.

Need a Custom Enclosure design? We have it covered for outdoor, public or industrial environments.

Waterproof PC Enclosure Case Studies:

Washdown Food Production Software Display Enclosures For Rossdown Farms

Food manufacturing production line with washdown food production software display

Rossdown Farms & Natural Foods chose Armagard 's IP65 TV enclosure to protect its washdown food production software displays. Find out how the company uses Armagard 's waterproof enclosures to boost productivity and save money.

Waterproof PC Enclosure Articles:

View below articles about Waterproof PC Enclosures from Armagard

Introducing The New Armagard Stainless-Steel 27" IP65 Computer Enclosure

Armagard's IP65 computer enclosure for widescreen, 27" monitors

Safely install computers and 27" monitors in washdown facilities. The IP65 computer enclosure boosts workflow by letting your staff use 27”, widescreen monitors in any wet, corrosive location. Discover the benefits for your food, pharmaceutical or healthcare setting.

What Is 316 Stainless Steel?

316 stainless-steel production line

Learn about 316 stainless steel and why it's the best material for protecting critical IT systems in harsh conditions. 316 stainless steel has better corrosion resistance than 304, so it's ideal for washdown computer enclosures in food processing, pharmaceutical manufacturing and other hygienic industries.

What Is A PC HMI Enclosure For Washdown Locations?

A PC HMI enclosure being used in a manufacturing plant

Discover how you can install PCs, TVs and touch screens in wet, corrosive and hygienic locations. A PC HMI enclosure protects your devices from industrial hazards and intensive daily cleaning. You get the time-saving benefits of digital technology in washdown locations, with peace of mind about the reliability of your devices. Learn more now.

Stainless Steel Computer Enclosures for the food Industry

Stainless Steel Computer Enclosures ‘To Protect and Preserve ' the Food Industry

Computers, label printers and touch screen panels require protection on the food processing floor, not only to prevent damage, but to stop the spread of germs. Armagard 's stainless steel PC and printer enclosures are washdown ready, germ resistant and trusted worldwide by some of the biggest names in food...

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