IP54 Computer Cabinets

TFT Compact PC enclosure

Product Code: PENC-300-UK

Mildsteel compact TFT PC enclosure protects up to 17" TFT screens and thin client or small form factor pc's in harsh Industrial environments.

Widescreen Industrial Computer Enclosure

Product Code: PENC-400-UK

Powder coated mildsteel Industrial computer enclosure protects widescreen monitors up to 22" and thin client or small form factor pc's in dirty, dusty industrial locations.

Industrial Computer Workstation

Product Code: PENC-500-UK

The Industrial computer workstation accommodates widescreen 24” monitors, and can be fitted with a keyboard shelf, a sliding keyboard tray or an integrated membrane keyboard.

Industrial Computer Cabinet

Product Code: PENC-800 - PPRI-700

Powder coated mildsteel Industrial Computer Cabinet protects both a computer and printer from dirty, dusty industrial locations.

Industrial LCD Monitor

Product Code: PENC-700-UK

Slimline Industrial LCD monitor protects up to 19" TFT Screens & standard size desktop/Tower PC's in harsh environments.

Compact all in one computer cabinet

Product Code: PENC-800-UK

Compact All in One computer cabinet will protect your PC, monitor and keyboard in harsh Industrial environments.

Computer enclosure

Product Code: PENC-900-UK

The All in One computer enclosure offers protection against dust, grease, physical impact and theft.

Computer Cabinet

Product Code: PC-CP01

IP54 rated secure computer cabinet protects a standard sized desktop or tower PC in harsh Industrial environments.

High Security PC Enclosure

Product Code: PSAF-100-UK

High security enclosure protects a large sized desktop or tower PC against theft or vandalism.

Computer Safe

Product Code: PSAF-200-UK

Secure PC enclosure protects a standard sized desktop or tower PC against vandalism or theft.

Other Industrial Cabinets From Armagard:

Touchscreen Cabinets

Industrial touch screen monitor

Product Code: PTS-170-UK

Industrial Touchscreen Montior - 17" touchscreen computer monitor in a mild steel enclosure. Ideal for use in dirty or dusty environments.

Compact Touchscreen Enclosure

Product Code: PENC-350-UK

Compact touch screen enclosure - 17" touchscreen computer monitor integrated into a mild steel enclosure. Ideal for use in dirty or dusty environments.

Industrial touch screen enclosure

Product Code: PENC-750-UK

industrial touchscreen enclosure to protect TFT screens and standard sized desktop or tower PCs in harsh industrial environments.

Printer Cabinets

Mild-steel printer enclosure

Product Code: PPRI-400-UK

Mid-size printer enclosure improves the safety and reliability of printers used in factories, stores, dispatch areas and other challenging dusty environments.

Floor Standing Printer enclosure

Product Code: PPRI-700-UK

Floor standing printer enclosure for printers to be used factory floors and other dusty or dirty environments.

Need a Custom Enclosure design? We have it covered for outdoor, public or industrial environments.

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