Industrial Computer Workstation | Manufacturing Vs Computer... Who Wins?

Industrial Computer Workstation | Manufacturing Vs Computer

Historically, this would be no contest, the manufacturing floor would destroy computers used on the shop floor. Computers of yesteryear would quickly succumb to dust and heat damage, rendering them useless for the improvement of manufacturing productivity. Then came the Industrial Computer Workstation...

...Everything changed. Industrial Computer Workstations transformed computer use in manufacturing, providing operatives and machinists with a practical, safe, multipurpose solution for using computers on the shop floor.

Here's the story of how the humble Industrial Computer Workstation changed the manufacturing floor.

Chapter 1 - The Industrial Computer Workstation Makes the Shop Floor Safer

Industrial Computer Workstations Improve Workplace Safety
'Industrial Computer Workstations Improve Workplace Safety.'

In days gone by, computers were a hazard when used in brutal industrial environments. Prone to overheating, then catching fire or suffering 'blunt force trauma' as a result of machinists accidentally bringing computers crashing to the floor after tripping over a bunch of loose cables, computers did more harm to business operations than good.

Thankfully, the Industrial Computer Workstation has brought an end to computer overheating and the sight of cables dangerously strewn across the workplace. With operatives constantly on the move in large warehouses or industrial workspaces, the likelihood of computer cables becoming a trip hazard is high.

Industrial Computer Workstations house computers and peripherals in such a way that cables are kept out of harm's way. Meanwhile, computer monitors, printers, keyboards and other accessories are protected from rigorous industrial environments. Not only does an industrial computer cabinet safeguard hardware, it protects staff from serious injury.

Industrial Computer Workstation Integrated on the Manufacturing Floor
'An Industrial Computer Workstation is Far Easier to Integrate on the Manufacturing Floor.'

Chapter 2 - Industrial Computer Workstations Can be Easily Integrated

Unlike the installation of industrial panel PCs, which can cause major upheaval and disruption to manufacturing operations, computer workstations for use in industrial settings do not require drastic changes to software, processes and infrastructure. In fact, you can customise Industrial Computer Workstations to suit any industrial environment.

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Chapter 3 - An Industrial Computer Workstation can Boost Productivity

Industrial Computer Workstations Protect Computer Equipment

Industrial Computer Workstations bring computers to the heart of the manufacturing floor. In the past, operatives would have to traipse to another part of a facility just to use a computer or printer.

An Industrial Computer Workstation provides almost everything a worker needs to complete or process a project, within their workspace. Ultimately, what used to be a vast warehouse space or manufacturing floor for your personnel, transforms into a highly-efficient, well-organized workspace that will boost their output and performance.

What's more, you can customise an Industrial Computer Workstation to be mobile, enabling operatives to take their workstation with them. Each operative can accomplish more in their working day thanks to the convenience of being able to transport their workstation. This represents a massive boost to productivity.

Equally, by protecting computers, printers and scanners simultaneously, Industrial Computer Workstations significantly reduce the chances of equipment damage. This prevents incidents of downtime, which can have a knock on effect on other areas of the manufacturing floor.

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Chapter 4 - Industrial Computer Workstations Deliver an Immediate ROI

Industrial Computer Workstations Deliver a Healthy Return on Investment
'Industrial Computer Workstations Deliver a Healthy Return on Investment.'

With the risk of damage to manufacturing floor computers greatly reduced, Industrial Computer Workstations deliver an almost instant return on investment by cutting the cost of IT equipment repair or replacement.

Equally, enabling the use of computers and peripherals at the heart of the shop floor saves on man hours. No longer are staff forced to trudge across the warehouse to print off an inventory report.

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Chapter 5 - Industrial Computer Workstations Offer a Flexible Solution

Industrial Computer Workstations Deliver a Healthy Return on Investment
'Mobile Industrial Computer Workstation.'

With mobile, static and modular systems on the market, Industrial Computer Workstations are highly versatile and occupy a minimal amount of space. Replacing and upgrading equipment is much simpler, compared with industrial panel PCs, while equipment protection is carried out simultaneously.

The end

Ultimately, Industrial Computer Workstations unite manufacturing and computers, resulting in productivity improvements, a reduction in costs, minimal incidents of downtime and fewer workplace accidents involving IT equipment. In the end, manufacturing and computers win.

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