5 Ways to Boost Productivity with an Armagard Shop-Floor Computer Workstation

An industrial shop-floor computer workstation protecting a PC in a factory

Boost productivity, improve workflow and maximise uptime with reliable computers and printers on your factory floor.

Here are five ways you can improve your processes with an Armagard shop-floor computer workstation.

1. Install Computers Exactly Where Operators Need Them

An industrial worker using an IP54 shop-floor computer workstation

A shop-floor computer workstation allows staff to use IT systems in industrial locations.

Use a shop-floor computer workstation to position a computer directly on your factory floor. Operators get the full functionality of a computer exactly where they need it, which saves the time they would have spent walking to an office.

Workers enjoy an uninterrupted workflow, and your plant benefits from increased productivity.

Armagard shop-floor enclosures provide robust protection for the computer and monitor of your choice. A mild-steel body prevents physical damage, and an IP54 rating protects against dust and splashing liquid.

Install time-saving workstations in any industrial location:

  • Factories
  • Warehouses
  • Production lines
  • Logistics hubs
  • Workshops

2. Use Industrial Printer Enclosures To Give Staff A Complete IT Solution

PC and printer shop-floor computer workstation in an airport baggage handling area

Custom PC and printer floor standing shop-floor computer workstation for Doha airport.

Combine your shop-floor computers with dust-proof printer cabinets to give workers everything they need in one place.

Industrial printer enclosures protect virtually any size-compatible label, barcode or desktop printer. A front-access flap allows easy access to printed materials, giving operators an uninterrupted workflow while keeping the printer safe from industrial hazards.

Printer enclosures are available as standalone units or as combined computer and printer cabinets.

3. Choose From Custom Options To Create The Ideal Workstations For Your Staff

Wall-mounted shop-floor computer workstation with keyboard tray

Custom keyboard and mounting options mean you get the ideal workstations for your plant.

Benefit from custom options that allow you to create optimised workstations for your factory floor:

  • Three keyboard options: Choose a fixed keyboard shelf, a sliding keyboard tray or an IP54, membrane keyboard.
  • Versatile mounting: Position workstations in the most productive location, using wall, worktop or stand mounting (stands available separately).
  • Available in a range of sizes: Choose compact computer cabinets that fit in tight locations or widescreen computer enclosures that give staff a large display to work on.

Speak to an enclosure specialist to discuss the best shop-floor computer workstation for your business.

4. Improve Workflow With Touch Screens That Work Through Gloves

Armagard's industrial touch screen shop-floor computer workstation for dusty locations

Improve operator workflow by installing time-saving touch screens in dusty locations.

Armagard's interactive computer cabinets allow you to install touch screens in places where the use of a keyboard and mouse isn't possible. These shop-floor touch screen enclosures work while the user is wearing gloves, giving operators a fast workflow that saves time and boosts productivity.

An IP54 rating provides protection against industrial hazards, so you can safely install interactive workstations in dusty environments.

5. Maximise Uptime Thanks To Robust Protection For Your Critical Systems

IP54 shop-floor computer workstation protects PCs in harsh environments

Shop-floor computer enclosures house your critical systems in a robust, IP54 body.

A shop-floor computer workstation provides essential protection for your critical system. Your IT systems work reliably for longer, meaning you benefit from reduced breakdowns, fewer repairs and greater manufacturing uptime.

When you do want to replace or upgrade your hardware, you can do so quickly and easily. Shop-floor enclosures allow you to access, remove and replace the computer or printer yourself—without the time and cost of a specialist engineer.

An expected 10-year lifespan means you can protect successive computers over several years, making an Armagard enclosure a great long-term investment.

Enjoy peace of mind thanks to Armagard's 30 years' experience and industry-leading customer care:

  • Specialist sales support that ensures you get the right solution for your business.
  • In-house design and manufacturing, for highest quality control
  • Five-year warranty on mechanical components
  • One- to five-year warranty on electrical parts
  • Lifetime customer support

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