How to Update Industrial Computer Technology at Low Cost

How to Update Industrial Computer Technology at Low Cost

Industrial computer technology is advancing at such a rate that even relatively new equipment on the market quickly becomes outdated. The cost of upgrading industrial computer technology and software every couple of years gets expensive. There is a better way to keep computer technology current and keep costs down.

Engineered to endure the rigours of modern manufacturing, industrial computer technology has become the backbone of the industry. Advanced computer technology is spearheading an exciting new era, streamlining manufacturing processes, improving productivity and enhancing the efficiency of industrial operations.

There's no doubting that industrial computing has redefined manufacturing. However, the price of progress is a high one for businesses. Investing in advanced industrial computer technology can take a significant chunk off the bottom line.

The Curse of the Advanced Industrial Computer

integrated industrial computers
While good for the manufacturing industry, integrated industrial computers can become problematic.

More to the point, maintaining and upgrading industrial computer technology can add to costs. Modern industrial computer networks are so advanced that, when they go wrong, it's unlikely that an in-house IT technician can diagnose and fix the problem.

As a result, you have to resort to calling out a specialist computer engineer to repair or replace faulty or damaged systems - usually at your expense. To try and combat this, manufacturing firms have sought to recruit computer engineers to cut down on maintenance fees.

However, the average salary for a computer engineer is £31,645 in the UK and $115,080 in the US. Yet for some companies, hiring is better than paying annual maintenance fees.

Many manufacturing firms are at the mercy of industrial computer suppliers. It's a case of recruiting computer engineers to bypass annual maintenance charges, or face annual maintenance fees, which are payable whether an industrial computer fails or not.

Ultimately, manufacturing companies lose control over maintaining their industrial computer systems, and the cost of keeping them operational. Advanced computer technology is great for the industry, but not if it takes away control from those using it!

Taking Back Control

Industrial computer enclosures
Industrial computer enclosures represent better value for money than integrated systems.

Dependence on integrated industrial computer systems can backfire, spectacularly. In the event that a system fails, assuming that you don't have the personnel to deal with the problem onsite, you could be left waiting hours, days or even weeks for computer equipment to be repaired or replaced.

What if that computer is crucial to your business operation? You're left with a system that you don't know how to fix, and all the time it goes unrepaired, your production process is out of action, the consequence of which include delays, lost revenue, loss of customer confidence and reputational damage.

It's a high price to pay. However, you can avoid all this by keeping control over the maintenance of your industrial computer systems, using equipment you're familiar with and technology that IT technicians can repair, replace or upgrade on your terms. How...?

...Industrial computer enclosures enable manufacturing firms to use 'office' standard computers on the shop floor. You take your everyday, off the shelf desktop computer and use it in an industrial environment without worrying about damage or being without integral computer systems on the factory floor.

Compared to integrated industrial computer systems, enclosures represent better value for money, enable you to use computer technology you're familiar with, and give you the freedom and flexibility to repair, replace or upgrade industrial IT equipment without the need for specialist computer engineers.

Industrial computer enclosures break the cycle of having to sign-up for costly computer maintenance packages, hire computer engineers, or rely on suppliers to fix problems. Ultimately, you're able to keep maintenance costs down and take back control of your industrial computer network.

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