How to Improve Freight Labelling for Transport and Logistics Management

How to Improve Freight Labelling for Transport and Logistics Management

Lost labels and mislabelled freight result in delays, loss of customer confidence and damage to your business reputation. The knock on effect of one lost or incorrect label is extremely costly. To combat the problem, here's a way to improve freight labelling for transport and logistics management.

Lost labels and mislabelled freight are irritating. Incorrect or missing labels are a source of frustration for packers, handlers, freight forwarders, customs officers, hauliers and those receiving the goods. 'Goods in' depots are unlikely to receive mislabelled freight, while incorrect shipping details could result in cargo ending up at the wrong delivery address.

Labelling mishaps cost time, money and resources. It's especially frustrating if goods are travelling overseas by truck or van… it's a long way back to the depot to print off new labels if they go missing or have the incorrect information on them.

To combat the problem of missing labels and other documentation, hauliers have resorted to duplicating the necessary paperwork and storing it inside the freight itself. However, if the information on labels or paperwork is incorrect, putting them inside the cargo makes no difference.

What's the answer…?

Industrial Computers and Printers Can Improve Freight Labelling

Protecting Industrial Computer Systems
Protecting Industrial Computer Systems Is A Must.

What you're left with is an annual maintenance bill and idle computer systems that could be out of action for hours, days or weeks, potentially bringing production to a grinding halt! Without the technical expertise in-house to diagnose and fix the problem, you're left stranded.

What's worse is that the problems don't stop there! As a result of an inactive production line, delays occur. Deliveries don't go out on time, leading to disgruntled customers and a potential loss of market share. To top it off, unhappy customers write an online review that's negative about your operation.

This is an extreme scenario, but it's not unheard of, and it's extremely costly to your business - not just financially, but on a reputational level.

The Key to Cutting Industrial Computer Maintenance Costs

Equipping transport fleets with computers and printers
Equipping transport fleets with computers and printers can improve freight labelling.

Human error means it's not possible to completely eradicate the problem of lost labels or mislabelled freight. However, it is possible to remedy such situations while cargo is in transit by equipping truck trailers or vans with industrial computers and printers.

If labels are lost or contain errors, couriers can update and reprint labels in real time to prevent freight getting rejected, resulting in costly delays.

Having a mobile computer and label printer on board means that if labels go missing, or need vital information adding, couriers can put in a quick call to headquarters, get the necessary details and print a fresh label on the spot. The alternative is to return cargo to the sender and rearrange delivery… an option you most likely want to avoid.

Freight labelling guidelines are strict and the slightest error, or absence of a label, gives receivers the right to refuse delivery. To prevent this, haulage firms and couriers need the ability to reprint labels and documentation immediately.

Mislabelled freight is also prone to damage. If labels have no warning, informing handlers that goods are fragile, they could end up on pallets stacked at the bottom of an entire shipment. If a handler notices that a box says 'handle with care', but the label doesn't match up, having the ability to relabel goods appropriately will save hauliers and couriers money.

Cutting the Cost of Freight Labelling Mishaps

freight labelling mishaps
Industrial computers and printers can help to reduce the cost implications of freight labelling mishaps.

It's estimated that freight labelling mishaps cost companies hundreds of thousands every year. Fuel costs, compensating customers and loss of business are three key areas where businesses lose money as a result of lost labels or mislabelled freight. The extra man hours involved to rectify the situation only adds to the cost.

Exported goods with missing or incorrect labels are likely to be more problematic and costly because freight labelling guidelines are usually stricter. There's a higher probability of items not even making it through customs, leading to extensive delivery delays and unhappy customers!

Equipping your transport fleet with industrial computers and printers will cut these costs and lessen delays, preventing freight returns and redelivery, while making sure that customers receive goods as expected.

Industrial Computers and Printers on the Market that are Up to the Task

industrial computers all in one
Industrial computers and printers for transport fleets will reduce labelling problems.

To keep costs down, you can use 'off the shelf' computers and printers. They don't travel well, but to protect them you can use industrial computer and printer enclosures. These heavy-duty systems enable haulage firms to equip entire transport fleets with standard office computers and printers for printing labels and freight documents.

For refrigerated transport fleets, you can use heated stainless steel computer and printer enclosures to safeguard equipment. They're waterproof too, protecting computers and printers from condensation.

PC and printer enclosures are lockable for security and peace of mind for truckers, given that trailers are often a target for thieves.

To justify the cost of kitting out your transport fleet with computers and printers, consider how much money you're losing as a result of freight returns caused by lost labels or mislabelled cargo.

However, it's not just a matter of wasting time, resources and losing money! There's something more at stake - the reputation and reliability of your business to get the job done and deliver goods as expected! If you have to let customers down as a result of absent or incorrect labels, it could prove to be a sticking point in your business relationship.

Ultimately, it will cost you less to equip your transport fleet with computers and printers to reissue labels and documents, compared to what it will cost your business because of lost or incorrect labels!

To discuss industrial computer and printer solutions for your transport fleet, call Armagard on +44 (0)121 608 7226 to improve freight labelling for your business.

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