The Best Locations for Digital Signage

With such an excitable atmosphere around the digital signage and out of home advertising industry it is forgivable for people to assume that using LCD TVs for the purposes of digital advertising is an easy method of generating business.

However, implementing digital signage is not straight forward and the process is riddled with pitfalls. However, that is not to say that digital signage can’t be an effective and practical method of marketing if it is done right.

One of the most common mistakes people make when embarking in a digital signage is erecting the screens in the wrong place. No sign, digital or otherwise, is any good if nobody sees it.

One of the most common mistakes is erecting the signs too high. While a TV hanging from the ceiling may allow more wall space but often people will walk underneath without even looking up.

To get the most out of digital signage it has to be ion the right location, preferably at eye level. However, there are several areas where you can maximise the effectiveness of it:

Captive audiences

Anywhere where you have a captive audience is a good place for digital signage. Point of sale, waiting rooms, receptions, and even petrol pumps (gas stations) are great places for an LCD screen. Even if somebody has little interest in your message, if they are in a queue or having to wait they will more than likely watch whatever content is before them.

Outdoor digital signage
A great way of increasing the potential number of people that see your message is to take the screens outside. More people will walk past a building a see outdoor digital signage than are ever going to walk through the doors and while many of these people won’t be interested in your message several will.

Any screen erected outside will need to be protected though but an outdoor LCD enclosure is a cost effective and simple method of implementing outdoor digital signage as they are completely weatherproof and can house virtually any standard TV device in the secure steel enclosure.

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