Industries that can Benefit from Outdoor Digital Signage

Outdoor digital signage is one of the fastest growing sectors in the digital advertising market. One of the reasons for this is the potential audience that an outdoor system can attract compared to any indoor signage.

No matter how many people set foot in your premises each day, more people will walk past so the potential audience of an outdoor digital sign is far greater than indoor systems.

Already, outdoor digital signage has proved successful by a whole host of businesses and industry sectors but knowing whether outdoor digital signage will work for you is a risk as any digital outdoor signage will require an initial investment.

However, here are some industries that have already benefitted from outdoor digital signage and some of the uses they have found for this technology:

Education – Schools, colleges and universities were amongst the first public bodies to embrace digital signage. With so many pupils and students to relay information to it’s no wonder that many education establishments implement outdoor digital signage to provide information.

Religious Buildings – mosques, temples, synagogues and churches have all found outdoor digital signage useful. Relaying information outside a religious building is one way of attracting new congregates and informing existing worshippers of event and prayer times.

Healthcare – Whilst surgery waiting rooms and pharmacies have long been implementers of indoor digital signage for displaying useful health information (and profitable advertising) to patients that are waiting

Retail – No matter how many people that will come through your doors on a given day, more people will walk past so many retailers are now trying to attract as many people as possible by using outdoor digital signage.

Corporate Whilst the passing of information, corporate messages and branding can be displayed in tradition print media, nothing sets a company’s image apart from the rest like an outdoor digital signage campaign.

Entertainment and Leisure Outdoor digital signage is being implemented in many entertainment centres and areas. From entertaining customers that are waiting in queues at theme parks, to providing facts about animals in zoos, outdoor digital signage is increasing the customer experience at many places of leisure and entertainment.

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