Countering Vandalism – With Outdoor Digital Signage

There are many challenges facing outdoor digital signage installers. Placing an electronic device like an LCD in an outdoor location comes with numerous obvious challenges so any LCD enclosure tasked with protecting an outdoor LCD system has to ensure it can protect the device from rainfall, temperature and other elements.

However, there are other hazards for outdoor digital signage and screens placed in unsupervised conditions.

Vandalism is unfortunately all too common in this day and age. From graffiti to smashed bus stops, there are many objects that are commonly targeted by vandals. And unfortunately digital signage is very attractive to vandals.

From smashed screens, battered enclosures to stolen units; any disablement of a screen will not only cost money in repairs but will make that elusive ROI (return on investment) even harder to achieve.

However, there are many anti-vandal and rugged options available for outdoor digital signage, and digital advertising in unsupervised or unmanned areas.

Steel LCD Enclosures

One of the simplest solutions to protect a digital screen is to house it in a protective steel LCD enclosure. These mild steel outdoor digital signage units are also ideal for indoor systems in unmanned locations as they can protect from impacts and attempts at tampering.

Often fitted with security locks, LCD enclosures can prevent damage from even the most determined of attackers. But there is more to protecting digital signage screens that just the enclosure.

Screen Protection

Perhaps the most vulnerable area of any LCD device is the screen. Protecting the screen from impacts is vital, not just for the protection of the digital signage but broken glass can cause a hazard that the DS owner could be liable for, so ensuring a good shatterproof layer is placed in front or the original TV screen will not only protect the digital signage but prevent any deliberate damage from causing other repercussions.

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