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Richard N Williams is a writer and journalist based in Birmingham, UK. He has many years of experience writing about all aspects of the internet and digital technology. He is the author of several technology related books and his articles have appeared in various publications, trade magazines and online journals.

The Use Of Modern Digital Displays For Transit Signage

Since the rise of digital signage, one industry that has turned to this use of modern, flat screen displays as a means of communication like no other has been the transportation industry. Providing customers with a transit signage system that keeps them posted on all the latest changes to services helps transportation companies reduce complaints, keeps their customers happy, and makes for a more efficient service.

Digital Signage in Education – Benefits of an LCD Enclosure

If a school is going to invest in a piece of technology, they need to be confident that the investment is worthwhile. This will only be the case if the technology lasts to be used year after year. This is where Armagard come in. We offer a range of LCD, industrial and stainless enclosures that are extremely hardwearing without impacting on usability. These can be installed at the same time as a screen, and will ensure that it is safe from the elements, as well as the students.

Correct LCD Enclosure and Digital Signage Installation, Maintenance and Operation ensures long life

Due to the quality of the engineering and materials that go into the construction of an LCD enclosure, these protective housings for displays can last for years, often housing generation after generation of screen. However, incorrect LCD enclosure installation, improper use and lack of maintenance could reduce its effectiveness and lead to premature failure of the protected device.

LCD Enclosures and Timetable Displays, Never Miss a Departure

Digital signage displays are used to communicate all types of travel information these days, facilitating our need for accurate and on-demand information. Digital displays have become a powerful tool for reaching a moving audience. However, while prices for indoor monitors have reduced because of advancing technology, finding an outdoor solution still involves premium pricing for dedicated, but inflexible weatherproof LCD units.

Euro 2012 provides UK Manufacturing export success for Armagard

With the group stages of the EURO football well under away, Armagard celebrate the successful completion of the stadiums which were installed with their outdoor digital signage enclosures

Armagard Welcome the Return of the Steel Industry to Teesside

After a hiatus of nearly two years, Armagard welcome the news that steelmaking has returned to Teesside with the relighting the Redcar furnace. As a company that works extensively with steel in designing and producing our range of protective enclosures for computers, printers and displays, Armagard Ltd. would like to send our congratulations and best […]

Outdoor Screen Enclosures – Avoiding Condensation

Winter brings with it some of the most variable weather of the year. From snow and hail, to fog and rain, winter is a challenging season for outdoor screen enclosures. Whether they are providing information, acting as outdoor advertising screens or other forms of outdoor digital signage, protecting the screen from the elements is an essential aspect to making sure the screen can endure the winter months.

Outdoor Digital Signage Makes Waiting in Line Less Frustrating

Waiting in line can be a frustrating process. Whether it’s waiting for the movie theatre to open, the bus to arrive or for a turn on a theme park ride, waiting in line can lead to impatience, frustration and make people decide not to return. Nobody likes waiting, but by utilizing outdoor digital signagesystems, it is possible to alleviate this frustration in these sorts of environments.

Digital Advertising Marking the End of Print

In just a few decades, digital media has all but replaced the old analogue world. First, it was the vinyl LP that disappeared in favour of CDs and then digital downloads. Next, video tapes vanished as DVDs and digital on demand service replaced them. Then the film camera, and now, thanks to devices such as the iPad and Kindle Reader, the eBook is slowly replacing the traditional hardback and paperback.

Outdoor Digital Signage Audience Potential

Outdoor Digital Signage is not yet as popular or as widespread as screens used in indoor environments such as subways, metros, airports and shopping malls. The additional cost of outdoor digital signage combined with the challenges of protecting outdoor screens from the weather, mean outdoor digital signage has some way to go to catch up.