Getting the Best Return on Investment out of Outdoor Digital Signage

Getting a return on investment is vital when embarking on any marketing campaign but with such a potentially high outlay involved with the initial implementation of digital signage, establishing a ROI is vital.

Nobody wants to spend money unnecessarily; however, it can be a common occurrence when planning a digital advertising campaign making any return on this initial investment a lot harder to achieve.

Ensuring there is no unnecessary expenditure is one way of reducing the initial outlay and getting a return on the investment and with outdoor digital signage there is often several areas where the initial outlay can be reduced.

Outdoor digital signage does differ to indoor advertising in that the LCD or plasma used for the display needs to be protected from the elements. Rain is the most obvious hazard for an outdoor advertising screen which requires the screen to be waterproofed but other methods of protection are required.

Glare from the sun, excessive temperatures and damage caused by accidental impacts or deliberate vandalism all need to be accounted for when deciding how to protect outdoor digital signage.

However, often these protective elements are often factored into the outdoor digital signage system separately when a lot off expenditure can be reduced by combining the protection methods.

Whilst outdoor and waterproof TV systems are available at a cost, they offer little in protection against impacts, vandalism or some of the extreme temperatures many areas of the world experience.

To protect against these types of elements climatic systems are inserted inside a protective enclosure where the waterproof screen is housed. However, all these separate protective elements can be combines by using a steel, waterproof and climatic controlled outdoor LCD enclosure.

Not only do these outdoor digital signage enclosures house all the necessary climatic systems, they are completely weatherproof and designed to withstand impacts but the greatest benefit of an LCD enclosure is that because of their weatherproof nature any standard LCD or plasma device can be used which means the initial outlay can be drastically reduced.

By using an outdoor LCD enclosure a return on investment is far more possible as the initial outlay can be dramatically reduced.

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