Protecting Outdoor TVs from Attack

Over the last few years, more and more bars, restaurants and pubs are using outdoor TVs to entertain patrons. Prompted by smoking bans and the increase in flat screen technology (combined with the fall in price of modern screens) outdoor TVs are now a popular feature of many pub gardens.

And it’s not just pubs and bars that are finding the use of TVs advantageous for bringing in customers. Café’s, transport hubs and other waiting areas find outdoor TVs a great way to reduce the perception of waiting time.

And while LCD and plasma screens are falling in price all the time, consideration has to be put into the protection of any outdoor TV system.

Whilst LCD waterproof enclosures offer protection for devices so they can operate outdoors without problems, there are other methods of protection that is vital in this day and age.

Despite their low cost, LCD TVs are still desirable objects for thieves so ensuring the outdoor TV is securely mounted and is locked inside whatever enclosure is protecting it from the elements.

Thieves are not the only undesirables that an outdoor TV needs to be protected against. It is all too common for devices like outdoor TVs, digital signage and anything else that is left unattended to get vandalised.

Even in a relatively public area such as a beer garden an over excited patron may throw a beer glass in disgust at a football result or other similar rowdy behaviour may result in damage to the outdoor TV.

There are many methods of protecting an outdoor TV. Most of them include using some kind of steel LCD enclosure to protect the device from impacts. However, the most vulnerable area of any television is the screen.

Obviously it is impossible to provide a protective cover for the screen as it would be unable to be watched and while some systems do exist that enable the device to be covered up after use, it still leaves them vulnerable while the device is on.

Many outdoor LCD enclosure and outdoor TVs are fitted with toughened anti-shatter glass which will withstand the most determined and heavy impacts. These screens not only ensure the device is protected from vandalism but also it means they are safe to use around children, vulnerable adults or in areas where glass contamination could cause shutdown (such as food production areas).

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