LCD Enclosure – A Revolution in Advertising

It may be hard to imagine a world without advertising but this use of commercial marketing has only been around for just over a century and it wasn’t until the 1930’s that marketers really began to understand the benefits of print advertising.

The ‘Mad Men’ of the 1930’s began to understand the power that they wielded and soon the hap-hazard world of advertising became more focused with rules and conventions that turned it almost into a science.

The print advertising revolution was so successful many industries that were struggling to survive soon became the power houses of commerce such as the American automotive industry.

This form of advertising is still a powerful tool today although sectors such as mail order have somewhat shifted to accommodate the new Internet marketers. However, a new revolution in digital advertising has begun.

Digital signage, making use of LCD displays or plasma screens, is now the must have advertising medium for most businesses. As the cost of these technologies has plummeted in recent years it is now just as inexpensive to install digital advertising as it is to employ a sign writer.

Digital signage is also just as versatile. LCD displays and plasma screens can be housed in LCD enclosures (or plasma enclosures) protecting them from even industrial environments. Many LCD enclosures are also built to withstand outdoor elements and can withstand attempted vandalism or theft making them ideal for use as outdoor digital signage.

Digital signage has many advantages over traditional signage, not only can the messages be changed at will, multiple messages can also be displayed and digital advertising is far more dynamic as moving images can represent a message far better than still images or just text.

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