Industrial LCD and Digital Signage Enclosures

Getting the message across has always been important to business. Whether it’s warning workers of potential dangers, informing people of procedures or advertising new products to clients, traditionally there has only been one way to do this with the use of conventional 2D signs.

However, due to the dramatic decline in modern digital display devices such as LCD, plasma and touchscreen technology using digital signage has never been so inexpensive. Digital signage can now be even cheaper than getting a conventional sign writer in but there are challenges in using digital signage especially in industrial and outdoor locations.

Dust, dirt, water and weather all provide a challenge in preventing any industrial display device from failing for outdoor digital signage the challenge can increase if the display is to be left unattended where vandalism and theft are other potential hazards.

That is why all digital signage or industrial displays need to be adequately protected. Industrial LCD enclosures, industrial plasma enclosures and touchscreen enclosures  should conform to IP54 or IP65 ensuring that they are adequately protected from ingress of water and dust. They should be also constructed of a good grade of steel to ensure adequate protection from heavy impacts or attempted vandalism.

Outdoor digital signage or LCD enclosures can be mounted anywhere and make an ideal solution for industrial display or outdoor digital signage

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