Use of Computers in Wash Room Environments

Computers, printers and touch screens have revolutionised the way we work and many industrial applications in particular, modern technologies and automation have greatly increased production, reduced waste and made processes more efficient.

Protecting computers, printers or touchscreens from the hazardous elements of industrial areas is a particular challenge especially when no two industrial environments are ever the same.

Dust, dirt, vibrations and excessive heat are common hazards in some industrial areas but in sectors such as the food manufacturing industry where everything is kept spotlessly clean the major hazards for this type of area is the use of water.

Water has multiple effects on computers and electronics and none of it is good. Water is conductive and being a fluid it can seep into the tiniest of gaps in an enclosure, if it touches a circuit board then it will soon short circuit it. Water can also damage components and other parts of a computer system not to mention causing corrosion of any metal enclosures or fittings. Waterproof industrial computer enclosures, including waterproof printer enclosures, waterproof LCD enclosures and waterproof touchscreen enclosures are manufactured quite often form food grade stainless steel which allows these units to be used in any food manufacturing or food processing areas without fear of corrosion.

Furthermore these waterproof industrial computer solutions protect standard computers in a waterproof enclosure. This allows the enclosed PC to be repaired, upgraded or replaced at will whilst allowing the use of the device even under total wash down conditions.

Many waterproof computer enclosures are built to European Guidelines such as IP65 or IP66 and also International standards such as NEMA 4.

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