Digital Poster – digital signage made easy

With so many facets to a digital signage campaign – screens, media players, content, LCD enclosures – it can be extremely daunting for those without much technical know-how to get involved. And when you just want a simple solution to promote products having to outsource several aspects can make the whole scheme seem too much trouble to be worth it, especially as every third party will increase the rate it will take to get a return n your investment.

So, making digital signage as simple as possible can be a real benefit for somebody who just wants a simple system that they can mount, turn on and upload content to; fortunately, such a system is available in the form of a digital poster.

All in one

Digital posters are an all-in-one digital signage screen, complete with media player. These are simple to mount as they usually come equipped with a VESA bracket, and content can be uploaded directly via USB to the onboard media player.

Digital posters are a simple turn-key solution for digital advertising and digital signage and are finding their way to a myriad of locations for a whole host of uses.

Common uses

Digital posters are not just a replacement for that traditional static 2D posters so commonly used for advertising and promotion, they have a whole number of different uses but digital advertising is one common use. If the digital poster is mounted flat against a wall like a traditional poster they are, however, very effective. With moving images, bold use of colour and transitions a digital poster will be far more eye-catching and noticeable than a standard print poster.

As menu boards – Digital menu boards are a common use for digital posters. Often used in fast food restaurants as a way of visually displaying food items, and promotions they are being seen more and more frequently, in not just the large chain stores but also the smaller independent eateries.

Point of sale promotion – another common use for digital posters is as a point of sale screen. A good method of advertising is using the digital posters here because the audience is – captive – in other words, has no choice but to view the message as they are in a check-out line.


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