Why the Need for an LCD Enclosure

LCD enclosures are protective cabinets for LCD TVs and plasma screens that house standard devices and ensure they are operating in the optimum working conditions. But why the need to protect LCDs after-all most TV screens operate perfectly well without an LCD enclosure?

However, not every LCD TV is situated in a warm cosy environment like a living room. Many of these devices are now being implemented in other locations for purposes like out of home advertising and digital signage.

Many of these areas are not suited for the safe operation of LCD screens or plasma TVs and contain harmful elements that can damage or disable a modern flat screen device. One such area is outdoors where weather and extreme temperatures, not to mention risk of vandalism or theft.

Outdoor digital signage is an increasingly popular use of these devices as a form of advertising, information and dynamic signage, placed outdoors to attract the largest potential passing audience.
However the majority of these devices are not designed for operation in this type of area and while there are now outdoor LCD TVs being produced as they are astronomically expensive compared to standard devices.

LCD enclosures are used because they allow these standard, shop-bought, LCDs and plasma devices to be used in outdoor locations and in inhospitable areas.

Weatherproof and able to withstand wash down environments, LCD enclosures allow the use of LCDs in not only outdoor locations but also factory and industrial environments.

And it is not just water ingress that an LCD enclosure protects against. Extreme temperatures from freezing conditions to baking sunlight are catered for with the internal heating and cooling systems integrated into the LCD enclosure.

They can also deal with direct sunlight by the addition of anti-glare glass and even an air curtain to prevent hotspots from damaging the screen.

And as LCD enclosure are manufactured from solid steel they make a secure deterrent against thieves and vandals whilst still providing an elegant cabinet for outdoor digital signage to be displayed in.

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