LCD enclosures – A Simple Approach to Outdoor Digital Signage

Digital signage is great method of marketing and raising brand awareness however, one of the biggest drawbacks of digital signage and out of home advertising is the complexity of setting up a campaign and the initial costs involved.

Not only does the content have to be created and uploaded but also the screens have to be installed in protective digital signage enclosures which if it is for outdoor digital signage need to be ensure the TV is waterproof protected too, raising the initial costs already.

In some areas where temperature is a concern the screen also needs to have adequate cooling and temperature control and be kept dust free, all of which can add to the costs of the initial installation

There is however, simpler and more cost effective method of embarking down the digital signage path. A standard TV screen can be installed in an LCD enclosure. These are waterproof, dustproof and manufactured from steel to ensure protection from accidental and deliberate damage.

Furthermore, LCD enclosures contain cooling an airflow system that creates the perfect operating environment for a digital signage screen. LCD enclosures can also house air condition and heater systems so they allow digital signage to operate even in the harshest outdoor locations.

Once installed in an LCD enclosure, uploading content can be relatively simple. Small compact media playing devices can also be housed in the LCD enclosure and are plugged directly in to the screen. Many of these media players now have wireless connections such as Bluetooth or Wifi making it easier to add content at will.

LCD enclosures are also easily mounted and can erected on the wall, ceilings or mounted on pedestals or other floor standing mounts. For those thinking of embarking in digital signage or those wishing to test the potential of this new marketing practice, LCD enclosures make a simple and cost effective alternative to bespoke signage systems and outdoor screens

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