Will Digital Signage work for my Business?

The term digital signage has become a buzzword in the advertising sector. Recent reports on the industries growth and its forecasts for the future have caused increased excitement towards what is still regarded as a new media.

But is this type digital advertising really worth it when compared to other forms of media such as press, radio and old fashioned signwriting and more importantly is digital signage right for your business?

There is of course no direct answer to the later part of the question only you can decide what is best for your business. However, as to the effectiveness of digital advertising, while it is still to early to make definite conclusions about this new media it certainly appears that the use of LCD displays for this type of advertising is dollar-for-dollar at least as effective as other media.

The uses of digital signage are many fold with the following examples being the most common reasons: Public information -corporate information – general advertising – brand building, influencing customer behaviour – enhancing customer experience – entertainment and aesthetics.

The effectiveness of using a LCD display for advertising and signage as compared to another method can only be evaluated when you consider the purpose of the display. An exit sign displayed on an LCD will be no more or no less effective than a traditional 2D sign however, a fire exit sign on a LCD will be far more visible in the dark or when, heaven forbids, there is a fire.

When it comes to generate awareness or increase revenue then digital signage really comes into its own. This type of narrowcasting (as opposed to broadcasting) means that you can more directly target your audience and it offers a flexibility in changing message that other media cannot match.

Until recently one of the major disadvantages of using LCD screens and other digital advertising methods has been the cost of the technology and the vulnerability of them in public or hazardous areas (such as factory floors). However, industrial LCD enclosures and outdoor digital signage enclosure are designed for the very purpose of keeping these displays safe and as the costs of the technology decreases I am sure more and more business will be implementing digital advertising.

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