Who Uses Industrial Computer Enclosures?

Industrial computer enclosures are utilised by tens of thousands of businesses interested in protecting their IT investments in hostile areas.

Whilst we are used to seeing computers in our offices and homes, the digital revolution has impacted the industrial and manufacturing sector as well. Computers, touch screen monitors and printers are now a prerequisite for production areas too.

Unfortunately many of these types of areas contains hazardous elements for the average computer; dust, dirt, water, risk of shock and heavy impact, and even potential theft and vandalism in some exposed areas are all potential dangers for computer.

Whilst rugged industrial computers do exist these machines are not very flexible when it comes to repair or upgrade and in some instances they can not perform the task required. An industrial computer enclosure can house any computer or device whether it’s a thin client or highly expensive piece of bespoke IT.

Here are some types of industrial areas that benefit from an industrial computer enclosure:

Food Production

One of the main hazards in food production areas is the liberal use of water. Water is use to wash down surfaces and clean areas. Water can also instantly short circuit a piece of electrical equipment. Many food production areas house their IT in an IP65 stainless steel (food grade) computer enclosure. IP 65 is the European rating that assures the protection that is offered. An IP65 enclosure provides protection from water and even allows the computer enclosure itself to be safely washed down whilst the computer is housed inside, with no risk of the water permeating into the machine.

Packing Areas

Dust is the primary hazard of packing areas. Like water, dust can penetrate a computer and cause all sorts of problems from clogging filters and moving parts, to overheating and even short circuiting. An IP54 computer enclosure guarantees protection from dust, ensuring that no particles find their way into the machine.

Heavy Industry

In heavy industrial areas a whole myriad of problems need to be defended against by a computer enclosure. Dust, dirt, grease and the risk of heavy impact means that a steel computer enclosure offering dust protection (IP54) would be essential, the enclosure would also need additional cooling if the industrial area produces excess heat.

Public and Vulnerable Areas

From shops, police stations, hospitals to even the local high street Information points and computers are used for all sorts of purposes. Unfortunately there are some people that get take advantage of machines left in vulnerable areas and theft and vandalism are potential problems (particularly if the computer holds important data) so computer safes are used in thousands of these areas protecting the machines from  attacks and tampering.

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