5 Recession Busting Computer Tips

Here are five ways to save money in IT during the economic downturn.

5. Only buy what you need.

It always amazes me when administrators announce they are to replace their existing office computers and start ordering the latest, state-of-the-art, PC’s. Yet what is the point in buying a computer with enhanced graphics and sound capabilities and a a hard drive large enough to store thousands of films and albums when the machine is only used for basic number crunching. If you don’t need an advanced machine, then don’t buy one.

4. Good housekeeping keeps computers young

Always make sure the machines are powered off correctly, scan disks aren’t skipped and that users ensure that all recommended updates are installed when required. It is good housekeeping to regularly clean and scan systems just to be sure nothing nasty has been picked up.

3. Ensure your machines are protected from malicious attacks

Firewalls, anti-virus and anti-spyware software are essential ion in modern computer networking. If one machine has a weakness then the entire network can be affected.

2. Dust the number one computer killer.

Even in office environments or at home dust is being constantly sucked into your computer via the fans and vents. It clogs up drives, over-insulates and prevents air-flow causing overheating. In extreme cases dust can also short circuit a computer and even cause an explosion. Dust covers are a temporary solution for some areas but if a machine has to operate  in hazardous conditions then an industrial computer enclosure built to IP 54 or NEMA 4 guidelines will offer suitable protection

1 Don’t leave computers vulnerable to attack

Any computer in a vulnerable position such as in a public area should be adequately protected. It is not just theft or vandalism of the unit that is a consideration either but also the loss of data which can have legal ramifications of personal data gets in the wrong hands. In vulnerable areas computer safes and lockable computer cabinets offer an ideal solution.

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