Using Technology in Industry – Computers, touch screens and digital signage on the factory floor

There is no getting away from technology they have altered our daily lives, changing the way we live and work. Traditionally devices like computers have only been sited in offices and homes but the advantage of using a processor to control industrial processes is obvious in that it will save money, reduce waste and improve efficiency.

However, computers are not designed to operate in dusty or wet conditions and neither do devices such as LCD displays or other digital signage devices like plasmas.

Industrial computers, touch screens and flat panel industrial TVs are on the market and while they are durable and reliable devices they are not very flexible. Industrial computers for instance are made from extremely reliable but older components with a typical industrial PC having less than a quarter of the processing power of a contemporary desktop.

There are alternative solutions though with standard devices such as computers, printers, LCD TV’s, touch screen monitors and other display devices able to withstand the potentially harmful elements of the factory floor by being protected by an industrial computer enclosure or LCD enclosure or printer enclosure etc.

By using standard devices you can decide on the equipment your factory requires rather than buy equipment on the basis that it is the only available that will survive. Industrial computer cabinets and lcd enclosures will protect any standard device from the harsh elements of the factory floor ensuring it will last just as long as an industrial device but with an enclosure that when the computer, printer or LCD does  finally fail (they all do eventually) – another off-the-shelf device can be slotted in within moments.

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