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Dust can be one of the biggest enemies of a computer. It can get into the workings of a machine and clog up filters and vents. This can cause over-insulation and can short circuit electronics.

Dust is one of the primary reasons for the early failure of a computer, so it’s important to protect PCs in dusty environments. This is not always easy to do, particularly when the computer is being used in industrial areas.

Even in packing areas or despatch zones, dust is often in the atmosphere and standard computers can fail in these conditions. Similarly, printers can become clogged, and monitors can explode if too much dust accumulates in the machine.

Purpose-built dustproof computers are one solution, but these have drawbacks. Most industrial computers are intrinsically sealed to protect the inner workings from moisture and dust. This has a major disadvantage when it comes to repairing or upgrading the machine. A service engineer would need to be called, or the PC sent back, which causes production downtime and high repair costs.

Furthermore, sealed industrial computers are not designed with the latest technology. Because of their sealed design, they are built with components that are known to be reliable but can be up to a decade out-of-date.

Dustproof computer enclosures: a better solution for industrial locations
Dustproof PC enclosures in industrial locations
Dustproof PC enclosures allow you to use an ordinary computer in industrial locations.

Dustproof industrial computer enclosures provide another solution. These enclosures house a computer, monitor and/or printer in a protective case that stops dust, dirt, grease, liquid and physical damage. You can use a regular computer in the dustiest environments, with confidence that it will operate reliably.

Because you can open the enclosure at any time, you can easily repair, replace and upgrade the computer yourself, without a specialist engineer. You can also use the same PC enclosure to protect several generations of computer, meaning you get a great return on investment over many years.

Choose industrial PC and printer enclosures designed to European IP54 or international NEMA 4 standards. These ratings guarantee protection from dust ingress, so you can be confident that your PCs will work reliably in your factory, workshop, warehouse or production line.

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