Outdoor Digital Signage and LCD Enclosures

Many businesses spend a huge amount of their annual budget on advertising and you don’t need me to tell you that advertising can be really expensive but it is worthwhile if it generates income. However, in the current economic climate and with customers reluctant to make investments adverts yield less income than they were a year ago.

Many companies are cutting back on their advertising investments but this will further decrease the revenue and quieten any message your company has been trying to get across.

However many companies are now realising that they have been missing opportunities to get their message across for little or no extra investment. Customers may be sat in your reception right now awaiting a meeting and looking at blank walls or potential customers could be walking past your production facilities without a clue as to what you produce.

That is why more and more companies are investing in outdoor digital signage. Moving images can catch the eye a lot easier than plain 2D posters and with the correct digital signage or LCD enclosure they can be placed anywhere.

Many outdoor digital signage or LCD enclosures are built in accordance to IP65 guidelines ensuring that even the harshest factory conditions or nastiest weather will not affect the digital signage. An LCD enclosure or other digital outdoor signage rated to IP65 will also last, lengthening the life of the enclosed LCD of plasma screen.

Outdoor Digital Signage can be securely placed anywhere, including public areas allowing more people to catch sight of your message.

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