Touch Screens and Digital Signage – the Way Forward for Retail?

Digital signage and advertising has been part and parcel of the retailers marketing tools for some time now.

Displaying images on LCD screens allows retailers to communicate to prospective customers outside the shop for relatively low cost compared to print, TV or radio advertising. With outdoor digital signage this range increases too.

But as digital advertising, even outdoor digital signage is limited. Prospective shoppers can see your message and evaluate your product and/or price – but they can’t start the shopping experience.


However, with touch screens in place of standard LCD displays you can introduce an interactivity. Potential customers can browse products on the display – even in an outdoor location – a long way from the shop or retail premises itself.

Touchscreens implemented to digital signage can even allow customers to place orders, book tables or get other information a long time before they ever enter the store.

People are also becoming more and interactive with technology. The Internet and devices like the iPad and iPhone have introduced touch screen technology on a large scale and people are now touch screen literate – and even expect it (watch any digital signage screen for too long and a child or even an adult will experiment to see if it is touch sensitive).

Outdoor touch screen enclosure

And even in outdoor locations touchscreens can be used just as effectively, especially with modern touch screen technology. Outdoor touchscreen enclosures and other waterproof touch screen enclosures allow the devices to be used – almost anywhere – whilst still providing the face of the touch screen to be just as sensitive.

And retail is not the only sector that can benefit from touch screen technology. All sorts of information provision can be assisted with touch screen – such as wayfinding. And waterproof touch screens are being implemented in all sorts of places for all sorts of purposes from digital signage, advertising and information provision

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