Choosing an Industrial Display

Using computer monitors and LCD displays in industrial environments can encompass some challenges that are not necessary to consider when choosing a monitor for the office or home.

Industrial backdrops such as factories and warehouses are not environments that standard equipment such as monitors or LCD displays are designed to operate in. Industrial areas often contain dust, dirt, liquids wit the risk of heavy impacts and vibrations making the use of standard equipment extremely difficult.

Industrial displays and industrial touch screen monitors are often used in industrial backdrops but quite often standard devices can be used if they are adequately protected. LCD enclosures and industrial display enclosures are readily available to house standard display equipment and allow it to operate safely in industrial areas.

But in choosing an enclosure it is first important to establish that the right display s being used for the right purpose. Often touch screen displays are used in industrial environments even when there is no requirement for input or interaction simply because touch screens are more durable and rugged that standard displays. However, if interaction is not required a touch screen will be an added expense when a standard display such as an LCD screen would do just fine.

If a standard display is chosen then it can be as well protected as an industrial touch screen, simply by housing it in an LCD enclosure. These will protect it from the hazards of the industrial environment and will even allow the LCD to be washed down. LCD enclosures will also ensure the LCD is protected from heavy impacts ensuring he life of the TV is lengthened as long as possible.

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