Protecting LCD TVs for use in Outdoor Digital Signage

Digital signage is a relatively new concept although the idea of using TV and display systems outside the home has been around for a while but it wasn’t until the development of flat panel thin film transistor (TFT) TVs such as LCD or plasma screens that digital signage really took off.

Now there doesn’t seem to be any place where an LCD or plasma screen isn’t relaying a marketing message or providing information; shopping malls, high streets, schools, colleges and even hospitals are all benefiting from the use of these TV displays as digital signage systems.

And using televisions for digital out of home advertising (Dooh) continues to increase as more and more businesses are turning to digital signage and more and more locations are being found to site TV screens for advertising and information.

And one of these burgeoning locations is using these TV screens outside for outdoor digital signage or even outdoor entertainment in bars, restaurants and pubs.

The only problem with using outdoor TV systems and digital outdoor signage is that the LCD or plasma TV needs to be protected from the elements, in particular the rain, wind, heat and cold temperatures.

LCD enclosures are a flexible and cost effective method of allowing standard TV systems outside in the elements. Not only do they offer NEMA and IP rated waterproofing but they also contain additional heating and air flow systems to ensure the enclosed LCD or plasma is kept at perfect operating temperatures.

LCD enclosures also have additional protection for te LCD screen by utilising anti-shatter polycarbonates ensuring the TV system isn’t damaged even by deliberate attempts.

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