Outdoor Digital Signage – The Future of Billboards and Posters

Outdoor advertising has always been an essential part of marketing and outdoor advertisements create colour and are part of our everyday world outside. Without outdoor advertisements the streets and boulevards around our neighbourhoods would look quite different and some locations such as New York’s Time Square or London’s Piccadilly Circus would be unrecognizable.

From bill boards to bus stop posters, outdoor advertising is everywhere but it is undergoing a dramatic transformation.

Outdoor digital signage is changing the very look of our high streets, revamping them to look more modern, dynamic and eye-catching.
Digital signage is the use of modern TV screens such as LCD or plasmas, taken out of the home and used for advertising or information purposes.

Obviously, the high street is quite far removed from the setting of the average front room where these flat screen devices were designed to operate so outdoor digital signage has to be completely protected from the elements.
Outdoor digital signage enclosures are often steel LCD enclosures that not only act as a waterproof housing for the digital screens but also act as a protective casing, repelling any attempts to damage the screen.

Now, thanks to the use of outdoor LCD enclosures, digital signage is springing up all over our high street and boulevards. And outdoor digital signage is not only replacing the traditional bill boards, posters and print media we have grown accustomed too but because of it’s colourful, eye-catching, dynamic nature that is visible at night as well as during the day it is also replacing the neon lights, traditionally used for night time signage.

Outdoor digital signage is now being seen as digital posters on walls, digital bill boards on bus stops and street hoardings as well as being implemented for a whole host if interactive applications such as wayfinding.

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