Outdoor Digital Signage – Avoiding the High Costs

There are many advantages to using outdoor screens for digital signage:

  • The audience figures are higher than an indoor campaign
  • There is less digital signage competition
  • It is noticeable to commuters, bus passengers and car drivers

But there are disadvantages too, mainly in the cost of installing a screen outdoors and ensuring it will operate in any weather conditions. Outdoor digital signage is also more vulnerable to vandalism which too can induce additional costs as the repair and maintenance of such screens is often higher.

With such high overheads and a difficulty in being able to establish a ROI (return on investment) it is no surprise that many potential installers are put off – despite the advantages to using outdoor digital signage.

So reducing the initial costs of an outdoor screen can go a long way in helping to convince people that an outdoor digital signage campaign is worthwhile.

Outdoor LCD enclosures

One method of drastically reducing the cost of outdoor digital signage is to employ weatherproof LCD enclosures instead of investing in highly expensive outdoor screens. Not only do LCD enclosures offer the same weatherproof protection as an outdoor LCD TV but they also offer a certain level of vandalism protection – crucial for outdoor and unsupervised locations.

LCD enclosures also reduce the need for maintenance as the inside of an enclosure is the optimum operating condition for an LCD screen. It also keeps away things like airborne debris and dust – other factors that often contribute to failure of an LCD screen. This all means there is less likelihood of needing to repair the screen and it also means that you can extend the life of the TV screen, often past the manufacturer’s estimates.

As LCD enclosures prevent the need for expensive outdoor screens which are often five to ten times the combined price of a commercial grade screen and the LCD enclosure, and also lengthen the life of a screen it means the initial investment is drastically reduced – making outdoor digital signage more of a tempting advertising medium.

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