The Requirements for Protecting Outdoor Digital Signage

Outdoor digital signage is a growing part of the outdoor advertising sector. The growth of digital outdoor signage is continuing with total the digital market now making over 12 per cent of all outdoor advertising in the UK.

While there is a greater proliferation of screens in indoor locations, it is unlikely that outdoor digital advertising will ever reach the same level of use but the sector is still growing.

The reason for this continual growth is that there are great many benefits for outdoor advertisers to use digital screens instead of the static printed images that they have traditionally used.

Digital signage screens are far more flexible, can carry multiple advertisements on a single screen; require no technicians to replace adverts on site, as adverts can be uploaded remotely, and outdoor digital signage is far more noticeable and engaging to the audience.

Outdoor display systems do differ to their indoor counterparts, too. You can’t simply take a display screen from an indoor location to an outdoor one as the device will need to be protected.

Protection required for digital outdoor signage is three-fold. Firstly, the screens need to be waterproof and protected from other weather elements as any moisture that seeps inside the device could lead to permanent failure. Secondly, outdoor screens need also to be kept at the required operating temperature – freezing winters or baking summers can also disable a screen. Thirdly, an outdoor screen will need some sort of protection against impacts and vandalism too, especially if it is to be left in an unsupervised location.

Al this protection for an outdoor display can come from an outdoor digital signage enclosure. These LCD enclosures can house standard display devices – the kind used in indoor environments – and ensure they are protected from all the elements above.

LCD enclosures also have enough space to house internal media players, protecting them too, enabling a simple and cost-effective approach to using digital screens for outdoor advertising.

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