Digital Signage – The Price of Outdoor Screens

The digital revolution has finally reached the high street with outdoor LCD screens now a popular feature in many retail parks, high streets and even along road sides. With such large potential audience numbers, it is no wonder many digital signage and advertisers are looking to outdoor digital signage as the next step.

The one inhibition people have about embarking on an outdoor campaign, however, is the price.  While outdoor screens are now being manufactured on mass, and their price is continually falling they are still highly expensive devices.

But there are shortcuts. Using standard or commercial grade LCD screens and placing them in an LCD enclosure will save a considerable amount on the initial investment but, furthermore, as LCD enclosures provide the ideal working environment for an LCD screen they will also lengthen the life of any screen placed in an outdoor location as it will always be running in the correct temperature range.


And the advantages of LCD enclosures do not stop there; LCD enclosures also offer a wide range of protective qualities.

  • Weatherproof protection – ensuring no weather elements can penetrate the enclosure
  • Physical protection – protecting the LCD TV from impacts, both deliberate and accidental
  • Shatterproof screens – protecting the most vulnerable aspect of the TV
  • Temperature controlled environment – ensuring the screen never overheats of freezes.

All these facets not only allow the use of standard commercial grade screens to be used in outdoor areas, which are a fraction of the price of outdoor screens, but also ensure these device last longer and are not damaged by either accidents, the weather or deliberate tampering.

By using an LCD enclosure the reduction in initial investment means the ROI is easier to attain and as the devices will last longer, the ROI will be a lot easier to achieve too.

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