LCD Enclosures – It is not just all about digital signage

LCD enclosures are commonly associated with outdoor digital signage. This is not surprising as they are a cost effective method of using LCD screens in outdoor locations, offering all the protection required to operate such a device outside.

Waterproofing, vandal protection and temperature control allow standard TV devices housed in an LCD enclosure to be used effectively in outdoor locations.

However, outdoor digital signage is not the only use for these protective display enclosures and the LCD enclosure has found its way into many other display applications:

Other uses of LCD enclosures

Outdoor TV viewing – rather than just advertising and information, many leisure establishments such as pubs, bars and restaurants are using LCD enclosures to provide TV viewing outside. LCD enclosures work very well for this purpose with the only difference with an outdoor TV setup is the inclusion of waterproof speakers to provide the audio.

TV viewing in institutions – hospitals, penal institutes and other areas that require TV viewing for patients and inmates are also taking to LCD enclosures. The enclosure can not only protect the screen from harm but also can prevent the TV from being used to commit harm. LCD enclosure provide little in the way of opportunities to commit harm as ligatures can’t be attached to a flush mounted enclosure and being solid steel they are impossible to remove from their mountings.

Monitor Protection in harsh environments – Factories, warehouses and other locations where harsh conditions would otherwise damage a display device are another use for LCD enclosures. They can protect displays from dust, grease, liquids and other harmful elements often found in such locations.

Information provision – Whilst digital advertising is now commonplace so is the use of LCD screens to provide information. LCD enclosures are commonly used in outdoor locations to allow LCD TVs to be used for providing information. All sorts of places, from tourist attractions to colleges and universities find that modern display devices are an ideal method of doing this.

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