Hostile Locations and LCD TVs

There was a time that the only thing you would see on a television was a TV broadcast. However, these days with outdoor digital signage and computer technology, you are just as likely to see a street advertisement displayed on an LCD TV.

Because of their flatness, low cost and standard mounting systems (VESA) LCD TVs are commonly used for all sorts of out of home activities from outdoor digital signage and PC use to information and advertisements. And they are used throughout various industries from retail stores to factories; hospitals to colleges – and even prisons.

But not all locations are suitable for an LCD screen and protection is often required which is why LCD enclosures are proving so popular.

The LCD enclosure

LCD enclosures are designed to protected LCD (and plasma) displays from the rigours of hostile and outdoor environments. All sorts of protection is offered by these LCD enclosures, including:

• Dust
• Dirt
• Liquids
• Rainfall
• Washdown
• Impacts
• Heat
• Sub zero temperatures
• Vandalism

LCD enclosures are used in all sorts of hostile locations for all sorts of purposes, here are some of them:


Either for outdoor digital signage or for providing information, LCD enclosures allow the LCD screen to be used – no matter the weather, temperature or time of day.


Another area full of hostile elements is factory floors or industrial units. Fortunately the same technology that defends LCD enclosures from the weather can also defend against the dirt and dust generated in factory environments.


Another common location for LCD enclosures is in colleges, universities and schools. Not only do can incidents occur to damage an unprotected screen but often these institutions require outdoor screens.


Another area where LCD enclosures are used to protect LCDs is in prisons, psychiatric hospitals and youth offending institutes. Not only do LCD enclosures protect the screens from attack but also they prevent the inmates or patients injuring themselves on the TV device – or prevent them from using the device to attach ligatures to it.

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