Keeping your Digital Signage Fresh

Traditional print media has been suffering for a long time. A poster or print campaign no longer gets the same results as it would have done several years ago. One of the main problems with this type of advertising is that we are all so used to seeing it that we get used to ignoring it.

This is a recognised problem with advertisers too, who have to spend a lot of their resources coming up with fresh ideas to try and attract the attention to their print adverts, especially in outdoor locations where we are so used to seeing such things.

Digital signage has also helped the ineffectiveness of print advertising as this new media is far more engaging and eye-catching than traditional forms of advertising. However, in some locations where digital signage has been implemented for a long time, the same problem is occurring.

As more and more people get used to seeing TV screens out of home, and see more and more digital signage adverts, they soon get lost in the background of our shopping centres, malls and high streets – getting ignored and becoming ineffective as an advertising medium.

Keep content fresh

To ensure maximum notability it is important to ensure you have the most engaging and eye-catching content possible. It needs to not only be colourful; use moving images effectively and the content has to be regularly updated to ensure it doesn’t become trite.

Location, Location, Location

Location is also another method of ensuring your content gets noticed. Any signage screen should be placed in the most noticeable location possible. Often outdoor digital signage gets more notice than equivalent indoor campaigns. This is because not only are the potential audience figures higher than in indoor locations but also because there is less competition in outdoor areas making any outdoor digital signage screen more unique and noticeable.

Whether it is indoors or outdoors any screen used for advertising should be placed in the most noticeable location as possible. While ceiling and wall mounted digital signage saves space they are not as noticeable as a floor standing digital signage screen.

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