The Growing Number of Applications for Digital Signage

Digital out of home media (Dooh) is often described as the next big revolution in advertising. However, there is more to the implementation of digital screens than just branding and selling something. Digital signage can be used for a whole host of applications and the number of uses for this new technology is increasing all the time.

Here are some of the most common and some more unusual applications for digital signage:

Public Information: Perhaps the most useful and practical application for digital signage. No longer do we have to work out where we are using a static map, now thanks to digital signage we can be pointed to the exact location. A whole host of useful information can be transmitted on the digital signage and when it is combined with a touch screen device it becomes a total interactive solution. There are now many outdoor digital signage information kiosks like this.

Replacing Traditional Signage: Warning signs such as fire exits are far more effective as digital signage than static signs, not only are they more visible but they can also provide an instant solution for displaying emergency messages that static signage just can’t manage. They can also be protected in rugged LCD enclosures ensuring they are operational even in hostile conditions.

Menu Boards: Digital menu boards are an interesting use of digital signage. Now, restaurants can not only show a description of a meal they can also display what it looks like and even how it is prepared providing potential customers with more information that may lead them to patronise the eatery.

Entertainment: The traditional use of televisions has to entertain at home now digital signage is being used to entertain us outside of home too. Having to endure a bus or train journey or wait in a lengthy queues or waiting rooms can be made more bearable and pleasurable by providing entertainment via digital signage. Many of these schemes often offer advertising in between infotainment (mixtures of entertainment and information) providing with a method of paying for the digital signage

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