Ideal Locations for Outdoor Digital Signage

Perhaps the most important aspect of any potential digital signage campaign is working out where the signs are going to be placed. All too often digital signage displays are manufactured and content is created yet there has been little discussion to where the signs are to be placed.

However, when it comes to digital signage and ensuring as many people as possible not only see, but absorb the information you are displaying, and then perhaps the first and most important aspect of the campaign that should be decided, is location, location, location.

The ideal location for any digital signage is not just about placing the system in areas that receive the most foot-fall but where the passing audience will give it most attention. For instance, an outdoor digital signage installation on a main commuter thoroughfare to the train station may get passed by thousands of passers-by every day – but how many of those eager commuters trying to get their train home will pay any attention to it?

Another common mistake in the location of digital signs is quite often they are placed too high. Ceiling mounted digital signage may seem a good, out-of-the-way location but quite often people will walk underneath without even looking up.

An ideal location for digital signage is at eye level and as near as possible to facing the oncoming audience. If the content is bright and colourful and as attractive to the eye as possible then it should be noticed when the audience approaches.

Outdoor digital signage can receive a higher audience than indoor systems and is worth considering if you want to spread you message to as many passers-by as possible although any system left exposed to the elements needs to be protected – an LCD enclosure will do this quite efficiently and cost effectively.

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