Digital Signage made easy with an LCD Enclosure

Digital signage is a growing media; its use has now exploded over the last few years, due largely to the plummeting costs of LCD displays and plasma screens.

The benefits of digital signage are many-fold when compared to conventional 2D sign advertising, not only can messages be changed or adapted easily but also moving images and sound can attract the attention a traditional sign simply can’t.

Digital signage is not expensive either especially when compared to the cost of employing a traditional sign writer. And if the LCD display or plasma screen is protected adequately then there is no reason why the digital signage can’t be used for many years.

Keeping a LCD display safe from vandalism, theft;  in the case of outdoor digital signage, protecting it from the elements; or in the case of digital signage in industrial locations, protecting it from dust and water are considerations that need to be taken when using digital signage.

A simple and cost effective solution is to place the LCD display into an LCD enclosure, or a plasma enclosure in the case of a plasma screens. These protective cabinets for digital displays ensure that the digital signage is protected from the elements, industrial hazards and keeps them safe from unwanted attention from thieves and vandals.

Many LCD enclosures are manufactured to European guidelines such as IP 54 (dustproof) or IP65 (waterproof) or their USA equivalents (NEMA 4).

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