Challenges of Digital Signage

When it comes to advertising and getting the message across there has been a huge surge in the use of digital signage and interactive media. Due to the dramatic fall in recent years of display devices such as LCDs and plasmas, digital signage is fast becoming a mainstream advertising method.

Digital signage is flexible and more direct than other methods of advertising and is fast replacing conventional advertising methods such as traditional 2d signage.

There are challenges connected with digital signage that can be particularly daunting for those wanting to adopt the technology for the first time. Let’s discuss a few of the most intimidating aspects of using digital signage as an advertising medium.

Device type:

There are really two choices in selecting the type of display device: LCD (liquid crystal display) or Plasma. The used to be quite significant differences when it comes to image quality, image burn and glare but recent advances has seen both technologies equalise in most of these aspects. However as a good rule of thumb, plasma has slightly better clarity of image although they are still slightly more vulnerable to image burn (still images causing a permanent residue or ghost image on the screen) although it is a lot less of a problem with modern plasmas. LCDs do tend to be less expensive but the prices too are equalising.

Creating a Campaign

Often the most daunting aspect of digital signage is what to broadcast (or to be more correct ‘narrowcast’ as only a narrow audience will view it) but this too does not have to be daunting. Simple presentations using desktop software such as power point take little time to create and can produce some eye-catching results particularly if you use appropriate images, sound or even video.

If there is not anybody with enough computer skills available to create such a campaign they can be created for you relatively cheaply by specialist digital signage advertising agencies. However, it should be heeded that many companies that resell or produce digital signage equipment such as enclosures often offer such media creation services but as their expertise is not media related but in manufacture it is probably best left to the professionals.


Not all digital signage is intended located in reception areas, public waiting rooms and retail environments. Many digital signage campaigns are proposed for areas often not suitable for sensitive electrical equipment like LCD displays or plasmas.

But digital signage can be safely used in many of these areas such as Industrial environments where there are high levels of dirt or dust; food manufacturing locations where there is need for wash down of equipment and even outdoors are no boundaries for the use of digital signage.

Industrial LCD enclosures or plasma cabinets are the perfect way to allow digital signage in almost any environment. These enclosures will protect against water (to European IP66 or NEMA 4 standard) dust (IP54) and are lockable and secure so can be left in public and outdoor locations. Even in areas with extreme temperatures or left outside in the baking sun or freezing snow are no obstacle for LCD enclosures as heater and cooling units can be added inside the enclosure to keep the display device to a constant temperature.

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