Digital Posters – Marketing in a modern world

The poster is familiar to us all; for over a hundred years posters have been providing visual imagery for a multitude of reasons:

• Promotion
• Commercial
• Political
• Art

Posters were a natural development of the printing process and once colour lithography became commonplace they started cropping up everywhere.

Now, posters are everywhere from the teenage bedroom wall to outside cinemas, shopping centres and along the high street.

For marketing the poster has long been a simple and cost effective method. They are cheap and easy to mass produce and can be erected almost anywhere.

The Next Step

As with any mass media, posters now flood the landscape but the problem with this over exposure is that as passersby we now tend to ignore them unless the imagery or words stand out. So, for advertisers getting noticed in this sea of poster adverts is near to impossible.

Digital posters are a modern and step forward in the evolution of the poster. A digital poster is simply an LCD screen mounted flat on a wall with adverts or other content posted electronically.

Digital posters, or e-posters as they are sometimes known have many of the benefits of standard print posters in that they can be erected almost anywhere but with the added advantage of being more eye-catching and engaging for a passerby.

They do have a higher initial outlay than a print campaign as the screens have to be bought but with the continual fall in price of these flat screen devices the price is getting lower all the time.

But the great advantage of a digital poster is that you can run multiple campaigns on one screen. Using a media player or a networked system the same screen can have an almost unlimited number of adverts meaning advertisers can maximise revenue from multiple sources – making the ROI (Return on Investment) of any digital poster a lot easier to attain.

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