Digital Posters and Budget Digital Signage Solutions

With most revenues from advertising falling, there is one from of marketing that is bucking the trend – digital signage.

More and more screens are being erected in all sorts of locations, from indoor screens in shopping centres, retail stores, to outdoor digital signage along the high street and in transport stations.

Because of digital signage’s continued growth, all sorts of businesses are trying to get involved to take advantage of its many benefits; however, there are many technical challenges with implementing an LCD screen for advertising and marketing: from sourcing the screen, media player or network to mention generating content, erecting the screen and protecting it.

These challenges can often seem very daunting to first time users of digital signage, many of whom are unsure if the new technology will be for them or if they will be able to get a potential return on their investment.

Fortunately, there are some turn-key and budget solutions, ideal for those seeking to test the digital signage water that require little no-how and are ideal for small scale digital signage projects.

Digital Poster

Digital posters are simple indoor solutions. A basic flat-screen LCD in a simple enclosure that comes as one unit, often complete with in-built media player. These can be erected along walls with content either uploaded via flash drive/memory stick, or can be networked.

Standalone Digital Signage Kiosk

Another turnkey solution but these kiosks are better suited for locations such as retail units where you have the floor space. More noticeable, these often contain media players and have the advantage over digital posters in that they standalone and don’t need erecting.

Outdoor LCD Enclosure

These are an efficient and cost effective way of implementing outdoor digital signage. They can house almost any type of flatscreen TV device (LCD or plasma, commercial or consumer) and will protect it from the weather, temperature and physical impacts – all necessary in outdoor locations.

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