Keeping the Faith – Advantages of Outdoor Digital Signage for Churches

Modern churches are continually looking for new ways to attract larger congregations and to ensure the local community are aware of coming events in the church calendar.

Traditionally, churches have relayed on static notice-boards, posters and even bill boards to get their message across but now, thanks to the growth of outdoor digital signage, this task has become easier.

Many churches, and for that matter, synagogues, temples and mosques, are installing outdoor digital signage outside their religious buildings to communicate with their congregation – as well as spreading the message of God.

Outdoor displays have great advantages over other mediums for this sort of task. An outdoor digital signage screen cab scheduled to relay content at specific times – so when the congregation is arriving for service, messages about future events can be relayed, yet, when there is no service the device can be used to spread religious messages or encourage other members of the local community to join.

Churches are not profitable organisations so any expenditure on an outdoor digital signage device needs to be kept to a minimum; while financial savings can be made with the use of outdoor screens by doing away with the need to get signs and advertisements printed and erected – further savings can be made in the selection of outdoor digital signage hardware.

Many outdoor digital signage systems are installed using waterproof or outdoor TVs, which seems an obvious choice, after-all no outdoor screen can survive without being protected from the weather, yet, outdoor screens are highly expensive and are often out of the budgetary range of most churches.

But there is a far cheaper and just as efficient method if implementing outdoor digital signage – ideal for churches, schools or other public locations.

LCD Enclosures

An LCD enclosure is, on the outset, a simple metal LCD cabinet; however, the beauty of the LCD enclosure is that it can house any type of flat panel LCD or plasma display and keep it completely protected from the weather.

Not only are LCD enclosures weatherproof but the interior of the enclosures contain temperature control modules such as cooling fans, heaters and even air conditioning (for extremely hot weather locations) to ensure that the LCD screen is continually operating in the perfect environment – despite what the ambient conditions are.

LCD enclosures are being implemented outside churches and other religious buildings up and down the country – enabling all the advantages of outdoor digital signage without the expense.

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